Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Share Your Summer!

The countdown is officially on! We are looking at one week until school here in the sunny South (at least in our parts) is officially out! You guys have no idea how excited this makes us. If you see reports of two strange ladies doing cartwheels down the interstate, trust us when we say we will have no shame. It's been a fun year, but we are ready to soak up some pool time, turn off those alarm clocks and just enjoy our little ones with out the commitment of a million activities for the next few months. 

We are summer girls at heart and love everything about it. Everything from cookouts to early morning swims to flip flops. We might even be crazy enough to love the heat and the 100% humidity. The moment that school bell rings we are just as giddy as our children, and ready to start the party that is SUMMER. 

We know we can't be the only ones who love summer, so we came up with a way that we can share in that seasonal joy together all summer long! 

Each Monday we will have a new topic for you guys to link up with us with. At the end of the week we will visit everyone's blog and share some of our favorite ones. 

Here are the dates and topics for each week of the Share Your Summer Party. 

These are guided topics and open for your interpretation. We want you to have FUN with it and share your favorite parts of summer. So grab the above badge and Share Your Summer! 

And now let the countdown to summer begin! What are you most excited for this summer? 

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  1. YAY! This sounds so much fun! I can't wait to join in! :)

  2. It's perpetually summer where I am - sunny Singapore! But yes, I love the sun too :)


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