Monday, October 5, 2015

Candy Corn Mix

It is officially October and that gives me the official go ahead to decorate all things fall and start making treats. I love the summer, but I think hands down if you had to ask me my favorite month out of the year it is October! 

It turns a little crisp this time of year, and as much fun as Halloween was when I was younger, I think it is way more fun now that we have kids. The moment the sun (or rain in our case) started shining on October 1st I pulled out all the Halloween bins and the kids helped me decorate the house. Then we began making some of my favorite treats. 

First one up is usually Candy Corn Mix. It is super easy, but hands down one of our favorites. Our good friends the G family introduced this little combo to us a few years ago and it is a group favorite. 

Candy Corn Mix
1 Bag of Candy Corn
1 Can of unsalted peanuts

- Mix the two together in a large bowl.
- Done! 

See I told you it was easy!! :) I've heard some people say it reminds them of the way a PayDay candy bar tastes. 

I got a little over zealous in my portions and made a HUGE batch. Instead of keeping it all to ourselves (and trust me when I say this house would have no problem eating it all), I decided to gift a few to Cute's teachers. I saw these fun jars at Target and decided this was the perfect use for them. Ours were located in the Halloween section of the store and were $3. 

I used sisal twine to tie a candy corn chalkboard printable that I made last year to the jar. It went perfectly with the theme!

A super easy treat that was finished in literally minutes!

I am so excited for this Halloween and am definitely looking forwards to celebrating the fun month we have planned ahead. 

What fun things are you looking forward to this October? 

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