Thursday, April 14, 2016

Matilda Jane

Dressing my kids has always felt like a bit of a hobby to me. I don't mean that to sound snotty or stuck-up in any way, but I just LOVE children's clothing.  I know it is only a matter of time before the girls will be basically sharing clothes with me, so it shouldn't be a secret that I prefer to dress my little girls like little girls.  In my opinion, kids grow up WAY too fast and some of the clothing options for little girls are not what I want my kids wearing at this age.  That being said, I have been so lucky to come across tons of great brands and stores that sell styles that both my girls and I can agree on.  A favorite of ours is Matilda Jane Clothing.  

Their clothes are unique, sweet, and so darling. They also use fabrics that are incredibly soft and comfortable making the clothes easy to wear.  Their patterns and designs are unique so it's not something you will see in stores.  Yes, the do cost a little more than some brands, but they hold up so well and can be worn for multiple years if you size up a bit. We make the dressed into tunics and wear with leggings when they get too short and I buy shorts and pants a little big and just have the girls roll the waist. 

The 3rd release of the Spring 2016 Collection is now available and features clothing and accessories for Baby (Layette 3m-24m), Girls (12m -14y), 435 Tweens (8 – 14) and Women (XS-XL). Today I am hosting a Matilda Jane show.  Even if you aren't local you can still shop!  You can create a wishlist online and email it to my trunk keeper to order!  

If you would like to place an order online, follow the directions below to send a Wishlist anytime today or tomorrow. 

1. Go to

2. Click on "Our Collections," then click "Browse the Collections"

3. The collections are shown on the left hand side. Click on "All Collections" to view everything!

4. Sort the clothing according to your child's size using the "View By Size." This is up to date so if a piece isn't showing in your child's size, it isn't available in that size.

5. You can add items into your "wishlist" (similar to adding items into a shopping cart) by clicking on that item. Once you have completed your wishlist, email it to me at
m AND to my Trunk Keeper, Kim Eilers, at: Add my name, Carrie Beth, in the host/Jane section so Kim knows to place your order on my show.

6. On your wishlist, please include your shipping and billing address along with a number where Kim can reach you. Kim will be calling later to get your payment information or you're welcome to call her anytime.

7. Kim will confirm receipt of your wishlist. If you don't hear from her, make sure to send one of us an email ASAP.

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