Saturday, April 9, 2016

Project Deck: The Beginning

If 2015 was the year for all things baby, 2016 is the year for all things home renovation. While we are still working out the final details of our nursery, and we are tossing around kickstarting our kitchen renovation, the first major project that we are going to accomplish this year is our back porch.

This project has been a long time coming. We live on a small lake and have a gorgeous view to enjoy each day. Every evening we get to take in the beautiful sunset sinking into the trees and the lake - but from inside our house.

Our deck, while relatively new and fairly large in size, we rarely take advantage of it. Even with major upkeep on our parts, we determined last Fall that a few sections of it are to dangerous for small children, and during the summers it is just too hot to sit out and enjoy since it is directly in the sun form most of the day. Except for grilling we realize we aren't utilizing the space to its potential.

At the turn of the year we put Project Deck into full swing, and hopefully soon will have a wonderful screened in living space that we can sit and actually enjoy those gorgeous views outside as well.

Now the hubby wasn't even about to let me share one of my infamous inspiration drawings with any of the contractors we have met with, even though I do feel as though mine conveyed the design we were going for if I do say so myself, but he and a highly recommended GC came up with the deck of our dreams.

I absolutely love the vision and can't wait to see it come to real life!

I've done a lot of hardcore research (ahem, thanks Pinterest) on exactly what we would like to have on our deck, and thought it would be fun for you to follow along, see our inspiration, and share ideas along the way.

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I am leaning towards doing a classic southern feel. Lots of blues and whites mixed in with seasonal pops of color.

I found these throw pillows, and this lumbar pillow and thought they were just what I was looking for, and then I became side tracked by another cute navy one with a pop of coral on it, so I put them back to do some more investigating.
And then I found this crab lumbar pillow and fell in love! I love adding a little nautical touch in! They make a square version too, and thought about putting a few on the chairs at the table. I'm so torn, but it is definitely in contention.

These anchor pillows spoke to me too! Still nautical, and anyone knows me knows I love a good anchor themed anything.

And I'm not going to has crossed my mind to throw in a Lilly pillow or two (or all) into the mix if I can. I think Mr. Cute would put his foot down though. The mermaid one is calling my name though, and it would be easy to fit right in the with the blue and white theme.

We are on the hunt for furniture and even though we are swinging into the height of patio season here in the south, this has proven to be a more difficult task we thought. We love this look, but are trying to determine between a couch/chair set up vs. sectional - and to do it without breaking the bank. We've started to look online a bit since sectionals seem few and far between locally - this set intrigued us and so did this one, but it is hard to purchase something like this sight unseen. Any suggestions?

We have a lot of decisions to make in a fairly short amount of time, but we can't wait, and hopefully soon we'll be relaxing, sipping our sweet tea, and enjoying that gorgeous sunset from our newly finished back porch. 

- Take down the old deck. (Buh - bye!)

- Finalize final deck layout and design. Begin building!

-Have an outdoor fire place. S'more making a must!

- Purchase lighting/fans for the space. 
(Do we do all fans or pray for cooler southern summers and opt for pretty??)

- Purchase furniture and decor.

- Create a usable outdoor living space beneath the deck on the patio.

- Landscape the surrounding areas.

Can't wait to hear your suggestions and share all the details with you along the way!

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