Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion Fix: Mom's Back to School Style

Last week we ended summer and jumped in feet first into all things back to school. Homework has been done, multiple lunch boxes have been packed, and lots of caffeine has been consumed because no matter how hard we will it to that 5:30a.m. alarm won't shut itself off and make sure the kids get on the bus.

We had some fun discussing with our Savvy Sassy Moms the topic of back to school, and what is on our own back to school wish lists for Fall. That got us thinking, if we went back to school today, what would our first day of school outfits look like?

Here's what we each picked...

What is your back to school style? Do you have any thoughts as what your first day of school outfit would look like? 

 photo jointsignature.jpg

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