Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites: Mushy Brain Edition

It's official. My brain is mush. 

The good news it's Friday. Better yet, a Friday that kick starts a week long vacation. So me and my mushy brain will get a nice long alarm clock free break. Ahhh....

I'm not going to lie, these last few months have been rough on our little family, and I've never been so excited to have a break scheduled in my life. We can't wait to just check out for a week and enjoy our little ones beach side with some nice fruity beverages. 

Today though, we shall celebrate this week with some of our favorites with some of our favorite bloggers.

 Hang tight - my mushy brain also has mushy thoughts. 

Last week and weekend were a blur, but we took a few moments to enjoy some normal thrown in. I took the kids outside to play for a bit, and to burn some much needed energy. Cute took a break from hitting a million golf balls and caught a few fun moments when he took my phone. 

Here I am with the girls taking a well coordinated stroll. 

| Girls Dresses | Top (similar)  | Shorts | Sunglasses | Watch
I loved that he captured this moment. I have approximately 9,540 photos on my phone of the kids and I think I am in like five of them. I need to work on that!

And apparently tongues out is still a thing for picture taking. 

With back to "normal" life came back to normal activities this week. It was so nice to get back into a routine, and Cute had his first official soccer practice of the season. 

He was so excited when his coach included the parents for a fun game. Hearing those sweet giggles was definitely one of my favorite moments of the week. 

While the kids got back to their normal activities it was time I did as well. I tried to work in a few treadmill sessions this week. I was so sad a few weeks ago that my favorite running shoes decided to make their last run. 

These were my absolute favorite running shoes of all time. Favorite! 
I was so sad to realize that my size was no longer available. 

I purchased this new pink pair thinking I would love them just the same, but after a few miles logged I quickly realized they would never compare to my original love. They met the requirements - favorite brand, same style, brightness on a level potentially causing those passing by temporary blindness, but alas - no go. 

I wasn't about to give up my search though and I stumbled upon these. I think they are just the newer version of what I had originally. So far they are living up to the potential of the originals. And because I chose day glo orange I get quite the comments on them. 

At least you'll see me coming. :) 

Carrie Beth and I are lucky enough to do this fun blog thing and we've met a ton of fabulous people and new friends over the last few years. This week a little bit of happy made its way to my doorstep. 

Nicole of MomTrends launched her new book MOM BOSS this week and we are so excited for her. She wanted to share with women how it's possible to have both a family and something of your own without all that unnecessary mommy guilt. So far I am in love with her transparency and her advice. Definitely a great read for any woman, but great for any mother thinking of branching out to do something on her own. 

This week my house has been filled with flowers, food, and a flood of support. Seeing these beautiful reminders of what great friends and family we have will always be my favorite. 

And flowers in a mason jar...well I wouldn't be a true southern girl if I didn't love that. :) 

That's about all the mushy brain thoughts I can give you for now. Here's hoping I at least have enough brain capacity to pack a swim suit or two, remember the 2,847 beach toys, and to make sure all children and bags are accounted for.

What were some of your favorites this week? 

Happy Friday y'all!
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  1. I love the Friday favorites, so many things I need to go check out now! I hope you have a happy weekend!


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