Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!!  For it to have been a short week, it sure did feel like a long one.  So happy to have Friday here and we are excited for the weekend.  Today I'll be sharing some Friday Favorites and linking up with some of our favorite bloggers.

My first favorite today is actually one of my kids favorites.  A few years ago when I was shopping at a TJMaxx the kids kept finding the little size markers that fall off the hangers and onto the ground.  They would climb under the racks of clothing looking for them and started calling them treasures.  Well, fast forward a few years and they are still hunting for treasures anytime we are in a store like TJ  Maxx, Marshalls, etc.  It cracks me up every time and now Boo-Boo is the one that gets the most excited about them.  We have baggies of them at home that they keep adding to.  I always wonder if the people at TJ Maxx care, but I know they just get swept up with the dirt and dust on the floor and thrown away, so I guess it doesn't matter.  Plus, it buys me a few extra minutes of shopping!  

Speaking of shopping, is anyone a deal hunter like me?  I love consignment sales, discount stores and the sale rack. I also love Goodwill.  There, I said it!  There are TONS of awesome things to be found. Last week I had just a little bit of time before I needed to be at the school to volunteer so I dropped off some things we were donating to Goodwill and decided to take a look around to kill the time. My first find were these J Crew gingham shorts that, no lie, I had been eyeing all summer on their website. I saw them right away and knew it was the ones and then held my breath until I looked at the size and couldn't believe they were my size!  It was meant to be.  Then I found a swimsuit and swim shirt for Boo-Boo, a Nike dry fit shirt for him, too.  Then for Little Mama I found hot pink Abercrombie and Finch sweats and three pairs of shoes for myself!  Check out those pineapple cute, right?!?  Well my grand total for all of this was only $32.  I love a good deal! 

Probably my very favorite thing from this week was watching this little guy play in his first baseball game.  I mean, it is the cutest thing ever.  They did so good for never having played a game before and I was so proud of him.  He got a couple of hits, did some great fielding and was awarded the game ball!!!  I love being a baseball mama and can't wait for his next game! 

I have been on the hunt for a rug for our foyer for some time now and was about to bite the bullet and order one earlier this week until I started reading the reviews.  They weren't great for the one I wanted so I decided to hold off and keep looking.  Well I found one that I loved yesterday when I was least expecting it!  I had run into a store called Tuesday Morning to look for a birthday gift and decided to just walk by the rugs on our way out.  That's when I saw this rug and just knew it would work great in our foyer.  Plus, it was a great deal so the nice gentleman at the store helped load it in my car and we were off!  

I could have waited until someone was home to help me, but I was determined to get that thing in the house so with a little help from Boo-Boo we managed to get it in and put it out.  I love it.  The old rug I had here was left over when we sold our lake house and it was much darker color. This one lightens up the space and Walker also immediately took a liking to it.  :-) 

My little buddy loves it, too.  He immediately started playing hopscotch!  

Last but not least for this week is my nail polish.  I want so badly to start wearing fall clothes, but it was still almost 100 degrees here yesterday so that just isn't going to happen. What can happen though is some darker colors on my nails!  I've had this color forever, but it is still one of my favorites.  

We hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!  

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