Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Holidays are Coming!

I've said it before, and I will say it again this week...

Thank goodness it's finally Friday!! 

It's a freezing cold, extremely busy Friday, but I couldn't be more excited to have this day finally here! This mama is ready to relax, cut off the alarm for a few days, and snuggle by the fire. 
Before we kick off the weekend, I'm popping in for Friday Favorites to share what's been at the top of my list lately. 

My favorite moment of the week had to be when we visited this guy...

We laughed when we saw this because none of The Cutes are smiling. They look like they would rather be anywhere but with Santa. In reality though, I think they just didn't want to take pictures. They were so excited to talk to him, not smile and pose. 

We did the Dreamwork's Santa Experience again this year, and were super excited all day to make a trip to the North Pole and share their letters with Santa.  We've been the past several years so The Cutes knew what to expect. 

We checked in and got our passport right on time for our appointment. 

We got our picture done with the characters. This year the theme is Kung Fu Panda instead of the Shrek theme from previous years. 

And then we waited in line. And waited. 

And waited. 

Now we all kept our cool in line. The kids did awesome for waiting as long as we did. We had an appointment and in the end it didn't seem like that really mattered this year. We still waiting close to  2 1/2 hours. Understandably, several people in line were pretty upset. Thankfully, we were able to keep everyone happy in our little crew with iPhones and pretzels. Our kids were so sweet and even invited some other kids in line to watch with them. 

L.C. was just beginning to show signs of being over it when it was finally our turn. The moment she heard she was on her way to Santa she snapped out of it and grabbed her letter to head inside. I said a little thank you prayer to little baby Jesus for that one - when girl is done she is usually done

We went inside, did our "ride" to the North Pole, designed our own Panda warriors, and then finally got to see Santa himself. 

We love that you get one on one time with Santa, and he is always so sweet. Even with the time constraint and delays he still took the time to make sure we got plenty of photos, each list was checked, and lots of hugs were given/received. Seeing the smiles (obviously, not pictured) on my littles faces made up for the wait. 

This time of year is always fun, and always jam packed with a ton of events. 
That also means I have to shower, put on real clothes, and occasionally do something with my hair. 

I apologize for the random restaurant selfie, but I had to share my absolute favorite top lately. If I can't be comfy in my favorite go to yoga pants, this tunic top might be the second best thing. 

This is the black, but I also own it in rhododendron and rose smoke. 
It is super comfortable, doesn't wrinkle, and long enough to wear with leggings and not worry about violating any rules involving lady parts. It is my absolute favorite and I would own every color if I could. 

For size reference I am 5'2"/115lbs and am wearing an x-small and it is quite roomie. 

(Also pictured: Pants, Shoes, Watch

**Just noticed that it is also currently on sale for all colors!**

And while we are on the subject of fashion, and me actually having to get dressed, here is another peek at one of my favorite non-yoga pants related outfits...

| Bag | Sweater | Watch | Jeans | Shoes |
You know we love us some leopard print, and I was so excited when I found this sweater earlier this fall. 

I love that the print is just at the top and around the shoulders. 

The accessories of this outfit though are some of my favorite though. I've hopped on board the bootie trend finally, and love this pair. I was worried they wouldn't be comfortable - but SOOO comfortable. 

And this bag has quickly become one of my go-to bags. I love it's fun leather crocodile texture, and the size is perfect for me. I'm able to carry everything I need with me for the day for The Cutes and still feel super stylish. 

Plus, if I didn't love it already, every time I open it up it makes me smile. 

(Bonus: Use code MAGNOLIAMAMASHOLIDAY for 30% off any bag on the site and get free shipping. CB loves her fabulous metallic one!)

Earlier this week we did a few quick photos for our annual holiday cards. Three kids and two dogs made for an interesting/hilarious photoshoot. 

As the shoot was wrapping up though, I caught a few sweet moments with Cute and our lab Max. These two are fun buddies, and it reminds me just how much rescuing Max was one of the best decisions we made last year. He is the absolute best pup ever!

The beginning of this week also marked this big girl turning ten months old. 

Oh my - I could just eat. her. up. 

She is full of personality lately, and it is so fun. This baby stage is my absolute favorite. I love watching everything through her eyes. She squeals in delight at least 900 times a day, and thinks anything related to her family members is the best, and this week she learned to give me kisses. 


She's an almost walking, talking little bundle of fun around our house, and if I could freeze time right now I totally would. 

This weekend we have a ton of fun events planned. One of which might or might not involve holiday sweaters. I won't divulge just yet my sweater choice, but it has been so funny checking out all the options. 

Here are just a few of my favorites I've spotted out and about...

Nothing says holidays like a full body snowman suit. Nothing. 

The options are endless. Here are a few more fun ones I found online...
(scroll and click for info)

I can't wait to see everyone dressed up. I will try to Instagram my final pick. 

Hint: music might be involved. 

Mr. Cute was so bummed when he learned his sweater wasn't going to be here in time. So while he was away for work this week I went ahead and ordered him one. (1) I can't believe he trusted me in this task because he is extremely lucky this one wasn't in his size...

and (2) Neither was this one...

Both would have been winners. 

Now only imagine what I did get...

And with that, time to get ready for our weekend of holiday fun!

What were some of your favorites this week?

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  1. Great Friday the hair, the leopard sweater, the sweet faces of babes!! Happy festive weekend lovelies!!

    1. Thank you Andrea! We hope you had a festive weekend too!!


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