Monday, March 13, 2017

First time at Disney: Part Three

Ok I know I promised I was going to share our last day of our Disney trip a few days ago, but life and the weekend got the best of me. Eek!

But listen, what better way to spend a Monday (especially the first one right after daylight savings - yawn!) than to reminisce about the happiest place on earth? 

I knew you would agree. Ok here's the last part of our trip...


GO BRAVES! Longtime readers know we are HUGE Atlanta Braves fans. In fact, when I was first planning our Winter Break trip the very first thing I booked was our Spring Training Braves tickets. I realized our break coordinated with the Spring Training season opener and thought how fun it would be to go to both season openers this year. 

So after two full days of Disney parks, we would it down with one of our favorite things - baseball! We made our way to the ESPN Wide World of Sports on the Disney property a little before the game because we love how interactive Spring Training games can be for fans. 

The park is smaller and you are able to have a great view from any seat. We chose to sit on the first base side only three rows back so that the kids would be close to all of the action. They would be able to interact with the players more (if the players choose to toss a ball or two), and be able to see better (read: pay attention more so mommy and daddy can actually watch).

The day started off rainy and kind of slow for the Braves, but quickly both the weather and our favorite team turned things around. 

We were able to see some of our favorite players, and cheer on our home team for about five solid innings. 

Considering our kids ages we were impressed. Not to mention having a one year old at a game (and by now we've been to our fair share with The Cutes at all ages) we felt like this was a win. Baby Cute must be a Braves fan too. Typically we've learned young kids tap out somewhere between innings two and four. 

We had a fun time, but it was getting hot and the kids were done. So I let Mr. Cute enjoy the remaining innings in peace and quiet while I took the kids back to the hotel. 


For the last few nights we switched hotels. In my original planning I thought it was supposed to be much cooler during this time of year. I knew we would have some downtime and rather than do another park, I thought swimming would be fun. I did some research, and while I knew the Animal Kingdom Lodge had a heated pool, I wanted to be prepared for anything. So I researched hotels in Orlando that would have a heated indoor pool - in case it rained or weather was too cold - and I stumbled upon the Embassy Suites

It was a more spacious room than our room at Animal Kingdom, which was nice, and it had a ton of amenities that the kids loved. Both around the pool and inside there were game/activity areas set up for kids (electronic and non-electronic). As a parent, I loved this because there was always something for them to do. 

As hot as it was though, I didn't need to worry about the indoor pool. We switched into our suits and headed straight to the outdoor pool. 

And I was able to lounge while the Kids Fun Zone entertained them straight through until bedtime. We were even able to watch a poolside movie on a large projected screen this night. The kids thought it was so fun that you could swim and watch a movie at the same time.

We paused momentarily for food though. One of my favorite things was there was a "happy hour" starting at 5p.m. every day. They had snack bars set up for kids complete with fresh popped popcorn and cotton candy (not shown). It was replenished often, so there was plenty for everyone. 

The adult snack bar wasn't too shabby. Neither were the adult drinks. ;) You could order what ever you wanted complimentary, but they also had special cocktails that they created each day. On this day it was a blue margarita of sorts. It was delish. I promise. 

If you want to stay in an off property hotel that is a little more budget friendly but has a ton of amenities, and transportation to the parks, I would highly recommend the Embassy Suites. 

After an evening of swimming fun and relaxing with friends, we closed our trip with a good night's rest and hit the road early next morning back to Atlanta. It was a whirlwind of a week, but we had an absolute blast. 

Now off on our next adventure...

Have you been to Disney? What were some of your favorite things? Do you have any tips or tricks? Share with us!

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