Friday, November 10, 2017

Dressing Room Diaries at Loft

Last week we met up for an early birthday lunch and a little shopping.  It's been so long since we were able to hang out just the two of us with no kids and no distractions and it was so nice!  We had to schedule this date on our calendars a few weeks in advance, and couldn't wait for the day to finally arrive.  

We walked into Loft and loved everything we saw!  Such pretty winter pastels and all kind of amazing fabrics and texture.  

After browsing and collecting several things to try on, we made our way to the dressing rooms and couldn't wait to try on! Y'all are in luck because everything is 40% off right now and we're about to share our dressing room diaries! 

 I spotted this fun shirt, velvet pants and pretty tassel earrings that all coordinated just perfectly!

I LOVED the details on the top. The sleeves are gathered at the wrist and has pretty buttons and smocking at the neck, which just gives it a little something extra.

It looked great with these gray velvet pants and I also think it could be dressed down with jeans or would even look great with black jeans also!  

Next up was this beautiful green top.  It's really light weight, which I prefer because I get too hot in sweaters.  I always gravitate towards green because I feel like it looks good with my hair and skin tone and this one is called exotic emerald.  It just sounds like a pretty color, doesn't it?! I was totally digging the ruffles on this, too.  

And these sleeves!!!  Love the small little details.  

It also looked good with those same gray velvet pants

The last thing I tried on and ended up buying were these soft corduroy pants. I ended up with the dark green (shocker) and feel like they will be so fun for the holidays with a leopard belt and maybe a fur vest.  So excited to wear these all holiday season long. They are a great length because they are ankle length making them perfect for booties!  These stretch out a lot so I would recommend sizing down. Even if they seem tight at first, I promise they will stretch out and you'll be happy with the smaller size.


I realized after I hung everything up, I went towards one palette of colors. Neutrals, neutrals, some pastels, and then - shocker! - more neutrals. 

Here is just a sneak peek at what I brought into the dressing room. I was super excited about those grey pants. I'm a shorty and wear a 2 petite. Loft carries a few cuts in most of their stores so I can try them on instead of having to wing it and order online.  

Before I went to try anything on, I snapped a picture of what I arrived in. I didn't realized it when I got dressed that morning, but I was wearing theme wear for our little excursion. Head to toe in Loft. I had snagged a few fun tops from their big sale a few weeks prior, and this top is one of my favorites. I love the fall colors in it, it has some some fun lace detailing, and is super flowy. Flowy is just how I like it after having three kids. 

My jeans are from a few years ago, but they still have the same cut available today. I love the way they fit. They have just enough stretch, but nothing that will leave you with "baggy butt" at the end of the day. Mine are a darker wash than what I saw in store, but online I saw a few other rinses. 

The first outfit I tried on was this top and this frayed military jacket. I wish I had taken a better photo of this top. It has the most darling little lace detailing around the neck, and it can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I used to love pieces like this when I worked in the corporate world. They were so versatile. 

Now let's talk about the jacket. I LOVE this jacket! The moment I spotted it, I knew I wanted it. Once I put it on, I knew it was coming home with me. You need this jacket in your life! It is all sorts of perfect, and can go with so many things!

I loved the frayed edges, and some of the little details that made it different from your typical military style coat. 

Here's a look at the back and the button detailing. The jacket is meant to be slightly fitted, but I purchased a small to have a little more wiggle room with sweaters. In the south, we rarely need anything super heavy, even in the winter months. 

I was channeling my inner Winter (and ignoring the fact that it was 80 degrees out) when I grabbed this sweater. I didn't care what it looked like. I was purely enticed by how soft it was. It just screamed cozy to me. It might be the coziest, most comfortable cardigan I've ever worn. This is the x-small on me, and it's all sorts of oversized goodness. 

And notice that adorable shirt under it? It is the white version of Carrie Beth's blouse. Love love love this top! I wish I had taken more photos of it, but it will definitely be one of my go to picks for the fall and winter. I purchased a small regular because I wanted it to be a little longer than it's supposed to be worn so I can wear with leggings. I think I could have gotten away with the x-small seeing how long it is on Carrie Beth (she got about 5 inches on me), but I wanted to be sure. 

Again, even though it was 80 degrees out, I was digging the sweaters. This sweater comes in a ton of colors, but the light blue color was my favorite. This is the x-small regular on me. The sweater fit a little loose (not quite to flowy status, but still good!) and I loved the length. It's super soft and has a fun little slit detail at the wrist. Definitely one of my favorite finds of the day. 

I didn't try this tee on but I thought it was super cute, and made me think of our book club. If they had one that said "books & wine" it would have been a no brainer. I did think of a few ladies in my life for whom this tee would make for a great Christmas gift. ;) There was also a similar "sweet dreams" tee that was adorable too!

And even though this top wasn't one that I tried on in store, it definitely is worth a share. This top was another purchase during the big sale a few weeks ago, and it is one of my new Fall favorites.  

I love the sleeves on this blouse, and again - flowy! I ordered a small since I wasn't able to try it on before purchasing, but I could have gotten away with an x-small so I would say it runs true to size or a little big. 

And since I'm feeling the flowy tops lately here are a few other of my favorites that I didn't get a chance to try on in store, but might grab online during their next sale. 

(click pics for details)

(P.S. - We noticed that Loft is having a great sale right now! Everything is 40% off with code HAPPY.)

What Fall styles have you been loving lately?

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