Monday, February 26, 2018

Family Ski Trip {Breckenridge - Part 1}

Last week our kids were on winter break and we decided to continue our annual tradition of taking a family ski trip.  We almost didn't do this trip this year because we felt like we'd just taken a big trip over Thanksgiving, but we've invested in ski lessons for the kids each year and it is really important to us that they learn how to ski so we didn't want to skip a year.  We decided to head back to Breckenridge for our third year in a row! We loaded up and took off on Monday! 

Our flight was pretty uneventful and I got to read an awesome book (that I'll sure later this week during our Book Club post). 

We arrived in Denver to frigid temperatures and lots of snow!  We got our rental car and as we were loading up we saw two guys in a Mustang convertible (with the top down!!!) pulling out of the rental car place. I told them it was an interesting vehicle choice, but I'm sure they got a great deal on it! 

That night we drove to the mountains, stopped for a quick bite of dinner and then called it night because we knew we'd be up early to ski the next morning.  

We woke up to super cold temperatures and it made me wonder if we would even get to get any skiing in that day.  It felt like below zero all day and after our first run we had to go in and warm up with hot chocolate. It's hard to have fun when you can't feel your fingers.  

We had to just take it easy that day and take a lot of breaks to keep warming up, but the kids were troopers!  This was the first year we didn't put them in ski lessons and I was a little nervous how that would go, but they picked it back up, just like riding a bike, and did awesome! 

My kids are quite the adventurers and love to try to keep up with the Mr.  At one point they were going through the trees (off the beaten path) and Boo-Boo got stuck in waist deep powder. I had to go rescue him, but as I was doing that I got stuck.  We laughed and laughed because the Mr. came to rescue me and he got stuck and I had to pull him out with a ski pole.  

Lesson learned, don't go through the trees!

We had such a fun first day skiing together as a family!

When we got back to the hotel we dropped our skis at the ski valet and made our way inside to warm up! 

Day one was a success!

We all grabbed warm cookies (the best part about staying at The DoubleTree) and made our way to the hot tub and heated pool. 

We had dinner that night at Empire Burger and then walked around downtown to do a little souvenir shopping. 

One thing I love about Breckenridge is the town. You can walk or take the shuttle around town and there are so many fun restaurants, shops and lights everywhere! 

After taking all we could take of the cold and walking around we headed back to the hotel. We let the kids play a quick game of checkers by the giant fireplace back at the hotel and then called it night so we'd be well rested for day 2! 

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  1. What an adventure! I would love to go to Breckenridge - all of your photos are amazing but I am really drawn in by the snowy path and lit up trees (maybe its because I miss Christmas!) - but everything from the hotel and games to messing in the snow followed by a burger sounds FAB! Lucky you! All the Best Joanne - Europafox x

    1. That was one of my favorite parts...the lights on all the trees and buildings downtown! I agree, it reminded me of Christmas!


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