Thursday, May 3, 2018

DIY Personalized Socks and Bag Tags {Summit Goodie Bags}

So I'm a cheer mom.  I'm also a soccer mom and a baseball mom, but my oldest is obsessed with cheer and it is pretty much her life!  Allstar cheer is a crazy, but fun world.  She works so hard and her team received a "bid" (which is basically an invitation) to Summit this year. Summit is a competition that is held at Disney and is like the Super Bowl of cheer competitions.  Your team has to be invited to be able to attend.  She's been super excited about this and all of the moms wanted to make it as special for them as possible!  

Before their first competition I made these little treats for her team and they all loved it.  We knew we wanted to do something similar for Summit, so all of the moms decided to come up with items to put in goodie bags for the kids.     

We came up with some cute little sayings to go along with items for their bags and I had come up with two ideas to make.  One were some personalized socks (telling them to "knock the judges socks off") and the other were personalized bag tags they could all put on their team back packs. 

For the socks, I started with these Avery iron-on transfers and figured it couldn't be too hard.  It was actually super simple to come up with a design and print onto the transfers!  

First I found clip-art I wanted to use and sized it correctly to fit onto the socks.  Then I used the "flip" option to get the reverse of the image so that when it ironed on it would read the correct way. 

Next I printed out the designs on the transfer sheets using my regular printer.  

I was ready to cut out and iron them on the socks. Problem was I had to leave to pick up my kids so I left these in a basket on the floor and when I came back, I saw this!!!  

My dog had eaten two full sheets and this is what was left of the third. I couldn't believe it and was so mad. So after I printed more I was ready to cut them apart and start ironing them on. 

Using the hottest setting, you just hold the iron on over the design for 30-45 seconds.  

After letting it cool for just a few minutes then you simply peel off the backing...

And your design is on there!  So simple and so cute! 

These turned out so cute and I'm so excited for the kids to open them up.  Hoping they all decide to wear them when they compete so they can "knock the judge's socks off!" 

I made one more thing for their Summit send-off goodies.  Each of the kids has a cheer backpack so I wanted to create a bag-tag that would be specific for Summit.   I bought these Self-Seal laminating pouches to use for this project. 

Then, I made the designs using the website You can change background colors, add text, images, etc. I found a Minnie clip art and put their team name and each of the kids' names for the front and for the back just the gym name and their team chant.  Next I glued the front and back together and followed directions on the packaging to seal.  

Lastly, I punched holes in the corner and added book rings to each of them. I finished them off with some cute ribbon and they were done!  

This was such a simple project and my wheels started turning to think of other reasons to make personalized bag tags!  My other kiddos might be getting some for their bags soon also! 

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