Tuesday, January 29, 2019

X-Games in Aspen, Colorado

Last week the Mr. and I got to sneak away for a fun little trip to Aspen, Colorado and had the best time!  It was my first time to Aspen and it was gorgeous! 

The X-Games were being held there and that is the main reason we went, but we had the opportunity to do a lot of other really fun things, too. 

On our first full day we went skiing at Aspen Highlands.  The terrain was pretty steep and a little more advanced, but we had so much fun. 

It was really cold on this day so I was happy to learn we would be having lunch on top of the mountain at Cloud Nine.  

They are known for their champagne and fondue lunches and knowing that was waiting for me got me through the cold morning! 

It was just what I needed to warm up and have a little break from the cold. 

The sun came out during our afternoon skiing and we saw some beautiful views! 

I loved walking around town at night because everything was lit up so beautiful! It made me want to live in a place that was acceptable to have Christmas lights up year round. 

On our second full day we went on a snow mobile tour through the White River National Forest. 

You could wear your own ski gear or use their snowsuits, so the Mr. decided to go for the full experience and wear the snowsuit!  He looked like he was straight out of the 80's. 

It was a sunny day and we had so much fun. We saw beautiful scenery and even saw a moose from afar. 

I've actually been snowmobiling twice before this, but had the best experience here. The guides were so knowledgeable about the National Forest and shared so many fun tidbits of information. 

Lunch was at the top of the mountain in this neat little lodge! 

We also got to see Pyramid Peak which is rumored to be the mountain that Paramount Pictures modeled their logo after.  

On our third day in Aspen the Mr. went skiing again and I opted for a relaxing day at the hotel.  I worked out in the fun gym, got a massage, and just chilled.  It was so nice!  That night we finally made our way over to Buttermilk Mountain where the X-Games were being held! 

Thankfully we were able to watch from a heated tent and had such a great view of the events going on that night.  

It was AMAZING to watch the athletes compete.  The things they can do on skis and snowboards was so impressive. 

After watching for a while we walked over to The Chainsmokers concert and oh my goodness, I've never felt so old in my life!  We were surrounded by lots of millennials and they seemed to be having a much better than than we were. 

So instead of staying there and freezing we decided to make our way to the private party for our group. We got to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain and the view of the city all lit up was so gorgeous! 

By the looks of this picture you can tell we had so much fun. We danced the night away and was sad that our time in Aspen had come to a close.  

It was such a great trip and we met some really fun people.  It was so nice to get away and be waited on hand and foot for a few days, but I was excited to get back home to my kiddos!  Be sure to check back tomorrow because I am sharing all the details about the amazing hotel we stayed it, the great restaurants we ate at and what I wore while I was there!  

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