Monday, September 16, 2019

Tailgate Party Recap

Happy Monday friends! We're coming off a crazy busy weekend filled with all things sports. Sure, most of them were of the little league variety, but from sun up to sun down it was sports. We kicked it all off on Friday with our fun Findlay Rowe Tailgate Party.

| Carrie Beth's Dress | Jen's Jumpsuit

This event is one of many we have planned with the ladies of Findlay Rowe over the next couple of months. We couldn't think of a more fun way to kick off the series than to tailgate with y'all!

We had a blast planning this one. We were so excited to meet each and every person who came out to tailgate with us! This had to be one of the friendliest, most enthusiastic bunch of ladies (and a few men) we've had the delight of tailgating with. Not to mention the food, drinks, and shopping were pretty delightful too!

Here's a quick recap of the tailgate party...

| This "Kick Off Time" Wood Board Serving Set was a crowd favorite! |

| This dip made from Captain Rodney's marinade was the biggest hit! The marinade was selling out quicker than it could go on the shelf. When Findlay Rowe restocks - grab a bottle or ten! SO GOOD! |

| Our favorite aviator hat! |

| All jewelry pictured from Findlay Rowe| 

To all of those who came out to tailgate with us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We absolutely love getting to meet each and every one of you in person. We have the sweetest readers on the planet and getting the chance to laugh, drink wine, and shop with you (sorry husbands!) was a blast! We can't thank you enough for the continuous support we receive. 

We loved getting the chance to hang out with y'all so much that we're planning a few more fun meet ups soon! Mark your calendars for October 2nd, and stay tuned for more details (hint: we like to give gifts away!).

Can't wait to see all your beautiful faces again soon! 
(And because this was a tailgating post, it just has to be said...GO DAWGS!)

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