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Tailgating Tips & Tricks

It's no hidden secret that we love a good tailgate. We are huge sports fans, and since we live in the South most every season offers up good weather to bring any sort of party outside. We loved kicking off this year's football season with a fun tailgate party with our friends, but it got us thinking...

Over the years our tailgates have definitely evolved. Especially once kids were added to the mix. We wouldn't say kids made them any less tame. They just offered up a different level of team spirit and excitement.

From college to post college to the addition of kids, we've never missed a chance to show our tailgate team spirit at least one good time a year.

And those of you from this neck of the woods know that there's no just throwing your food in a picnic basket and calling it a day. Tailgates in the South require careful planning, elaborate team themed decor, and space large enough to hold a bar, buffet, big screen TV (with satellite dish) and a dance floor.

Let's not even mention the food.

But just because here in the deep south we like our tailgates to be a little extra doesn't mean we want to spend our whole week leading up to our game day festivities preparing. We've learned a trick or two make the whole process almost seem *almost * effortless. Here are some of our favorite tailgating tips and tricks we've learned over the years.

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This is our truth. We are huge fans of purchasing store prepared foods for any and all events. Especially tailgating events. Most grocery stores have excellent deli, bakery, and prepared food sections. And trust us, they can whip up chicken fingers, buffalo chicken dip, and 100 team themed cupcakes much faster (and better tasting if we're being totally honest) that we can. In the off chance we feel like we want to get "fancy", we can take a store bought food and dress it up or add to it.

Which brings us to our next tip...

Okay, well maybe that isn't completely true. But fancy dishes can make your tailgate look fancy. And by fancy dishes we mean game day themed serving ware. Throwing your grocery store cookies or pre-made dip in a game day serving piece instead of it's original packaging, and your tailgate mates will be none the wiser. 

Stadiums are slowly transitioning over completely to the clear bag rule. Most pro-stadiums already require it, and now even down to high school stadiums a small clear bag is the only bag allowed in. As large tote carrying individuals this originally threw us for a loop. We like to be prepared for any and all situations and we're pretty sure we could survive in the Alaskan wilderness for a month based on what we store in our totes. But, we get it - safety first.

| College Team Corkcicle | College Team Clear Bags |

Luckily, the creative makers behind the clear bags have started to make them a little more attractive. we love that you can find cute team specific clear bags options now.

| Capri Designs Clear Bag |

We've also learned just what to pack in our bags for a day of tailgating and stadium going. Here are some of our must haves: 
  • Bracelet Key Ring 
  • Pinch Minimergency Kit (Contains so many great items to help in any little situation that might pop up! We can't rave enough about these!)
  • Mini-deodorant 
  • Pack of mini-tissues
  • A pen
  • Lip Balm/Lip Gloss
  • Mini-sunscreen stick


We can theme wear with the best of them, but we've learned that team gear can be kind of expensive for just one or two wears a season. So we have learned to invest our money in basic outfit pieces in our team colors, and then to accessorize with team themed jewelry. Something we can wear each and every game day weekend and mix into our everyday wardrobe if we want to without seeming over the top.

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There are two kinds of tailgates. Regular tailgates vs. tailgates with kids. We mentioned this earlier, but really it bares repeating. Because when it comes to tailgating if the kids aren't happy, nobody is happy. Pre-game festivities plus a few hours dedicated to the actual game can make for a long day, especially for children. So come prepared. Bring games for them, things to color, and don't underestimate the power of a ball and recruiting surrounding tailgates children for an impromptu team game. Make sure there are tons of child friendly foods and age appropriate activities available so that kids are also able to enjoy the tailgate.


  • Pre-pack a utensil caddy. This cuts down on the trash and its ready to go once you arrive. It's easy to pack and one less thing on the to-do list during set up. 
  • Pack blankets and pillows. Not just for the cozy factor, but for cooler games keep blankets and small throw pillows in your trunk just in case. Weather can be fickle and sometimes that extra layer of warmth is welcomed. 
  • If grilling, do as much prep-work the night before. Pre-assemble your kabobs, pre-make your hamburger patties. It cuts down majorly on cook time at the actual tailgate. 
  • Always pack a sharpie. Always. To label drinks, food, etc. 
  • Pack jumper cables. Trust us. 
  • Hang paper towels throughout the tent with bungee cords. It's amazing how helpful this is. (Google to see what we are talking about!)
  • Utilize a drawer rubbermaid to store all tailgate essentials (plates, napkins, forks, etc.). This way it's easy to pre-pack, store in your car, and ready to go each tailgate. All you have to worry about is the occasional restock, but everything is stored and ready to go in one organized space. 

Do you and your friends/family tailgate? 
What are some of your favorite tailgating tips or tricks? 

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