Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Supercross Saturday

(Photo courtesy of Brave PR and Supercross Live)

We just can't get enough of these Monster Energy Motorsports lately. Last weekend we attended Monster Jam for a Mother/Son date night with Carrie Beth, and this weekend we headed back to the Benz for Supercross Live.

Our morning was filled with kids sports and cheer competitions, but by early evening we were settled into our seats to cheer on the riders in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. The kids had no clue what to expect having never seen a Supercross Live event before, but they quickly became excited.

Live music pumped through the arena via a DJ, and the large dirt filled course center stage had the kids in awe. Right from warm-ups they were cheering right along with the rest of the crowd, so impressed with the riders and their abilities on two wheels.

(Photo courtesy of Brave PR and Supercross Live)

It didn't hurt to see how high in the air the riders go, along with the occasional crash to keep their attention. It made me nervous every single time one of the riders would go in the air. But really it was the sandy, bumpy portion of the track or the tight turns that were most of the riders undoing.

The kids also loved seeing the amateur round where 7 to 9 year olds race. We couldn't believe they did the entire course the veteran riders raced on. Seeing those tiny ones go up the large hills or bumps on their bikes made the crowds cheer even louder than they did for the professionals. It was quite impressive. And now my kids all want to enter next year.

Between the racing and the constant flow up snacks, I'm pretty sure my kids thought that Supercross ranked right up there with Disneyland. They had a blast from start to finish!

Supercross Live is such a great fun family event. We know we will make an effort to attend it again when it comes back to Atlanta again. I highly recommend it if you are looking to do something fun and exciting with your family.

There are still plenty of dates left on the tour, and tons of races around the country to see before the season is over. To see if there is a Supercross Live event in your area and get tickets visit their website or follow along for info on Facebook and Instagram.

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