Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Best At Home Work Out Resources (for Adults & Kids!)

Whew! Well this week has been a doozy. We are pretty sure if you asked us a few weeks ago if we thought kids would be out of school for weeks (months?) on end, businesses would close down, grocery stores would resemble something from the Hunger Games, and toilet paper would be the hottest commodity of 2020, we would have laughed and laughed at you.

But, thanks to Coronavirus-pacalypse times have a changed.

We have tried to keep the very best attitude about it all. And for the most part we have succeeded. Luckily, our kids seem pretty ignorant to what is going on in the world, and their concerns are mostly limited to...

"Why am I home, and still have to do work?"

"Why can't I play with my friends?"

"Why can't I go to Target/Starbucks/soccer/cheer/Taco Restaurant?"

and, my personal favorite, "What do you mean I can't have another snack?!!!!"

Carrie Beth shared on Monday her homeschool daily schedule, and we realized having some sort of routine is what is going to make us all survive this Coronavirus Quarantine party none of us wanted the invite to. But remembering to also throw in a little self-care into the mix for our mental health is also a great idea.

We have some great suggestions from Book Club for reading, but with our gyms now closed as well, we did some research on great at-home work outs. Here are some great ones we found for the whole family. Some we've already given a try - and love!

(And since we are already wearing our sweat pants all day every day, it can't hurt to throw in 20 mins of exercise a day, right?)

  • Peloton App - Free for 90 days! Okay, we thought this was just to use with a Peloton bike. It's not. It has tons of great workouts - yoga, strength training, running, etc. 
  • Pure Barre Go - Free 30-45min workouts streamed  Live on Facebook (but can watch/participate anytime). No equipment needed. 
  • Zumba for Kids - Free Zumba mini-lessons geared towards kids, but great cardio moves for adults too. We did this together and it was so fun! 
  • Bulldog Online - Free yoga classes for 60 days with code EXTEND60. 
  • Fitness Blender on YouTube - Free and SO GOOD! This was a reader suggestion, and we can't believe it wasn't in our life before now. Hundreds of videos for all skill levels as well as time frames. There is a fun kids workout available too! 
  • Blogilates - Free! Great pilates workouts ranging in short and long workouts. Super fun, and easy to do from home. 
  • Core Power Yoga - Free yoga workouts. 
  • Maggie Brinkley Workouts - 15 minute, equipment free workouts. Free on Amazon Prime video if a member or sign-up for a 30-day free trial. Also there are rent/purchase options as well. 
  • Beach Body on Demand - This was a reader suggestion. 1,100+ videos to choose from, but with monthly membership. 
  • GymPass - Free for 60 days. Beyond workouts they have meal plans and mental health support. 
  • Go Noodle for Kids - Great free movement classes for kids! Our school uses these for "brain breaks", but the kids have loved doing them at home. 

We would love more suggestions! If there are any that you do at-home and love, share with us! We will update this list as we find and try more! 

Stay healthy friends! 

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