Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It's be a little while since I've shared a Friday Favorites so I have a random assortment of things to share today.  We've got some yard work, kids sports, football watching and Topgolf on the schedule for this weekend.  Hope you have something fun planned! 

Like I mentioned above, this feels like the first real Friday I've had in a long time because my son started back to school this week!!!!  

Our county let elementary kids start back and it has been such a great week. Seeing how excited he is to be back in school (despite all of the crazy rules and regulations they are following right now) was one of my very favorite things this week! 

My next favorite is fall youth sports.  My kids' sports are SUCH a big part of our lives right now. We spend a lot of time and money investing in our kids...not because we think they are going to be professional athletes, but because we know and appreciate all of the life skills sports and being a part of a team is teaching  them. 

I love seeing them each so dedicated to the sports they love and fall sports has been a much needed sense of normalcy for these kids. Watching them play is one of my very favorite things to do on the weekends! 

I've shared this here before, but my family loves snow cones.  As part of my Mr.'s birthday the kids wanted to get him this snow cone machine and it has been such a hit!  They make snow cones ALL the time and it's such a fun treat.  This would be a great Christmas gift for anyone trying to think outside of the box a little and it is definitely one of our new favorite things. 

Yesterday I shared about our Fall Break trip and it was so amazing.  Before we left I ordered a few new swimsuits because J. Crew was having a big sale. 

Gingham top // Gingham bottom

Even though it was at the end of the season I knew I'd get a ton of wear out of them next summer.  Plus, this is the best time to buy swimsuits and get a great deal.  J. Crew has the cutest suits and they are actually having another sale giving you 50% off of all sale items with code SALETIME so click HERE to check them all out! 

My birthday is coming up next month and it is a big one.  As an early birthday gift my family surprised me last weekend with a Peloton bike!!!  I was so surprised and not expecting it at all, but I have ridden it every single day and LOVE it.  I'm planning to do an entire post about it in a few weeks, but if any of you have one share some of your favorite classes with me!  

I hope everyone has a great weekend and we will see you back here next week! 

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