Monday, October 19, 2020

Fun 2020 Advent Calendar Options for Kids

 Okay, so we know this post is a little early. We know it isn't even Halloween yet, and it's crazy we're sitting here thinking of Christmas. But... as we were going down a rabbit hole online to avoid the baseball loss that happened last night (we don't want to talk about it), we stumbled upon the fact that our favorite Advent Calendars we get each year were on major sale. 

Needless to say we clicked "add to cart". 

But also saw some other fun options as well. And most on sale! 

We're tempted to change things up this year and get one for each child. Do you do that? Or do you just do one option for all the kids together? 

Here are some of the ones we found...

Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids

1: Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar - This book themed calendar contains 24 fun stories from the kids favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Each book is individually wrapped and contains a 24 page holiday themed story. 

2: Lego Advent Calendars - This is the calendar our kids have loved the most over the years. Each day they open a mini-figurine or small build to do. We've done the City version over the last few years, but there are also Lego Friends, Harry Potter, and Star Wars holiday themed Lego Advent Calendars as well. It's the perfect countdown for any Lego lovers! 

3: Thomas & Friends Calendar - We remember when our kids were obsessed with trains and Thomas. We would have loved this back then. This fun calendar has 24 mini train figurines, including 6 exclusive holiday themed designs. 

4: Nickelodean Storybook Advent Calendar - Similar to the Disney version, but with the kids favorite Nick shows. Twenty-four individually wrapped books featuring Paw Patrol, Dora, Butter Bean's Cafe and more!  

5: Crayola Christmas Countdown Calendar - If you have a craft loving little one - this is the perfect calendar! Each day opens a new window to a craft, art supply, modeling dough, or coloring page. 

6: Purple Cow Countdown to Christmas with Science - Of all the calendars we thought this was unique and so fun! Each day contains a new science experiment for kids to do. The box contains 24 individual experiments and detailed instructions. Recommended for ages 8+. 

7: Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar - This is a calendar we might actually steal from the kids for ourselves. Comes with a bracelet and each day opens to a new charm for kids to create their own Pandora style holiday themed charm bracelet. This would be a great option for tween/teen girls! 

8: Hot Wheels Advent Calendar - Oh how many Hot Wheels did we own back in the day?! Our boys would have loved this calendar! Contains 24 cars and accessories. We love the holiday themed car-sleigh!

9: Wire Puzzle Advent Calendar - Have older kids? This one is for you! Our older elementary schooler has just gotten into these wire puzzles, and we can't lie - we find them fun/difficult too! With 24 different puzzles (ranged from easy to super tricky) we think this is a calendar the whole family could get into. 

10: Barbie Dreamtopia Calendar - Barbie obsessed little ones will squeal in delight. Contains a Dreamtopia themed Barbie and each day opens to a new accessory or part of an outfit to dress Barbie for the big day. 

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