Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Our Favorite Self Tanners

It's the middle of May, temperatures are warming up, and that means it's time for shorts, sun dresses and swimsuits!  With more skin showing I don't know about y'all, but I feel SO much better about myself when I've got a little color. Not only do I like that glowing look, but I think it also makes you look slimmer and more toned. It certainly helps me feel more confident in shorts or a swimsuit.  

I've been using self tanner for years (since college) and have given just about every brand on the market a try. My daughter does competitive cheer and a ton of those girls get spray tans before big competitions because being on stage in front of the bright lights can make them looked washed out.  We haven't done the spray tan route for her, because I really feel like my favorite self-tan products work just as well if you can apply them correctly.  

As I was putting on a little self tanner over the weekend it got me thinking about sharing some of my favorite products with all of you!  There is a little something for everyone here, depending on what you are looking for, so hope this helps out some of you.

1. Jergens Glow - This is great for beginners if you have never used self tanner before. You can use this as a lotion.  It gradually builds color over about a week and helps give a super natural look.  You'll end up just barely a shade darker than you are and you don't have to worry about streaking, etc. It comes in both Light/Medium and Medium/Dark shades.  

2. Loving Tan 2 HR Express - This is what my daughter and I both use. It's a foam and we like it because it goes on dark so you can see where you have put it and where you haven't. I just did it this weekend and then realized I missed a part on the back of my legs so I was able to notice it right away instead of waiting for the next morning to see my mistake.  You have to be a little better about making sure you cover everywhere because you can look splotchy if you miss a spot. I only use this on my body...not my face. 

3. Neutrogena Micro Mist - I don't currently use this, but have in the past and I really like it because it is easy to apply with zero mess on your hands. It's an aerosol spray so kind of like an at-home spray tan.  It also goes on really smooth and even because of the mist and is easy to apply on someone else if you want someone to help spray your back. I would recommend standing on an old towel or even in the shower to apply because the overspray can make a mess on your floor.  

 4. Isle of Paradise Drops - I LOVE these drops because they mix in with lotion or moisturizer and the color looks really natural.  For my body I get a pump of lotion, put in about 3 drops, mix it in my hands, and apply like you would just rub on lotion. One pump of lotion/3 drops for each arm, leg, etc. The drops are the ONLY thing I will use on my face.  I use my regular moisturizer and just add 1-2 drops making sure your rub it evenly on your face and down your neck to blend.  Just make sure to wash your hands really well after applying. These also come in multiple shades, but I use the dark. 

5. Tanologist Drops - I was excited to find these drops because they are almost half the price of the Isle of Paradise Drops and a good cheaper alternative.  Same exact concept of mixing with lotion for your body or moisturizer for your face. This also comes in multiple shades. 

6. Tanning Mitt - You definitely need some sort of tanning mitt when applying most self tanner. I only use one when applying the Loving Tan foam.  All the others I just use my hands and then wash them right after really well.  THIS mitt from Ulta is very inexpensive if you just want to give it a try, but it won't last forever.  THIS one is a step up and THIS one has great reviews. 

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