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Sports Mom Necessity: Purple Portable Seat Cushion

 This blog post was sponsored by Purple and all opinions are my own.

With three kids each, and all in different sports, we are constantly on the go. Seven days a week you can find us either driving to and from some sort of field, gym, or training center. There's lots of running around, lots of on the go meals, and lots of FUN! 

One thing that isn't fun though - being uncomfortable. We spend long hours in the car and long hours on the sidelines. Over the years we've perfected our "sports mom must haves", but we have one new addition that we can't stop raving about - our Purple Portable Seat Cushions! 

Y'all, if you spend any amount of time sitting in bleachers, benches, or even the ground for any duration of time cheering on your kid(s), you need this cushion in your life! It's life (back/butt) changing!


A few weeks ago, we met up for a girls day out and were chatting about all the things over lunch. We got on the topic of our weekends filled with sports and how hard the bleachers are for all these end of season tournaments. Well, right then and there we decided to put a stop to all that uncomfortable nonsense! 

We popped into a local Purple dealer to test out all their amazing products, but for the most part the seat cushions. Purple offers a ton of seating options that we had no idea about!

We gave the following a test try: 
  • Purple Back Seat Cushion
    - Portable and comes with easy to carry strap.
    - 100% Purple Grid with cushion Cover.

  • Purple Portable Seat Cushion
    - Portable.  
    - Has a no-slip grip bottom.
    -100% Purple Grid with removable cover with strap.
    - Designed for 0-4 hours of sit time. 

  • Purple Double Seat Cushion
    - 100% Purple Grid with cover.
    - Built in double handles on cover.
    - Designed for 8+ hours of sit time. 

  • Purple Foldaway Seat Cushion
    - Has an anti-slip bottom. 
    - 100% Purple Grid with cover.
    - Designed for 0-4 hours of sit time.

  • Purple Simple Seat Cushion
    -Perfect for car seats.
    - Has an anti-slip bottom.
    - 100% Purple Grid with cover. 
    - Designed for 0-4 hours of sit time.

  • Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion
    - Perfect for trucking and gaming.
    - 100% Purple Grid with cover.
    - Designed for 8+ hours of sit time.

  • Purple Royal Seat Cushion
    - Designed for hard seats and stools. 
    - 100% Purple Grid with cover. 
    - Designed for 5-8 hours of sit time. 

We gave that Purple consultant a good laugh as we tried them all out. We even learned of the infamous Purple egg test while we were chatting with him. (You can sit on an egg on your Purple cushion and the no pressure point grid design is built so well that the egg won't crack! See a video of a test/review here. We were so amazed!) 


After testing out all of the Purple seat cushions, we knew one of them would help be the ultimate sports parent sidelines game changer. We had a tough time choosing which one we would pick because they are all just so comfortable. It was amazing for us to sit and feel a difference almost immediately. 

In store, we didn't have time to sit on the cushions for a long duration just because #momlife. But trust us, when we say the minute we sat down in a chair with each of the cushions you felt like you were sitting on a cloud instead of a hard surface. 

We were torn between purchasing the Purple Royal Seat Cushion and the Purple Portable Seat Cushion. Ultimately, we both ordered the Purple Portable Seat Cushion. We loved the fact that it has a removable cover that comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry. And it seemed versatile enough to use in any seating situation (including if we wanted to give our desk chair at home a little upgrade!). 

The Portable Seat Cushion was one of the lighter seating options, but still allowed for a long sit time comfortably. The pricing was also a little more economical. We felt confident that the Portable Seat Cushion would be the perfect option for what we were seeking on the sidelines. 

And boy were we right! 

The first time we pulled our cushion, we put it through a long weekend filled with soccer and baseball tournaments. Even sitting for long periods of time on hard bleachers we were in heaven. Even if our kids weren't winning, our butts were! 

The Portable Seat Cushion cover also seemed to stay pretty cool, which is a huge bonus in our famous Southern Summer heat! 

Another plus about the seat cushion is that the cover is removable. We love this because with three kids, two adults and a messy ball field, we just know it won't stay clean forever. We love that we can give it a quick wash and put it right back on for use the next day. 

The only negative about the cushion was that our kids found out pretty quickly how comfortable it is, and kept stealing them all weekend. They are now requesting their own to have while cheering on their siblings. 


After seeing how well Purple's grid works to keep you comfortable for long periods of time, we both are sooooo tempted to give one of their other products a go. We've heard great reviews about their  mattresses and pillow options.

There is a major sale going on right now for Memorial Day. Now through June 8th there are a ton of great deals! 

When you order through this link  and use code THEMAGNOLIAMOMMASP10 you get access to the following savings:  

  • $400 off mattress + bundle 

  • Up to $200 off bundle*: - $200 off 2 Harmony, P Sheets, Protector

  • $175 off 2 Purple, P Sheets, Protector

  •  $150 off 2 Plush, P Sheets, Protector

  • $150 off 1 Harmony, P Sheets, Protector 

  •  $150 off 1 Harmony, Soft Stretch Twin Sheets, Mattress Protector

  •  $125 off 1 Purple Pillow, Soft Stretch Twin Sheets, Mattress Protector 

  • $125 off 1 Purple Pillow, Kid Sheets, Protector

  • $100 off 1 Kid Pillow, Kid Sheets, Protector

What are some of your sports mom must haves? Is a comfortable seat a must have for you too? Which Purple Seat Cushion sounds perfect for your seating upgrade this Spring?

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