Wednesday, September 8, 2021

5 Minute DIY: Varsity Patch Fashion

It's been a hot minute since we did a craft or DIY. Especially when it comes to fashion. But the minute we spotted the varsity letter trend going around, we were in love. We ordered a few items from one of our favorite retailers, and they are SUPER CUTE. 

The problem: It took almost two months for one of our orders to arrive. 

As quickly as trends come and go, we can't have that. So, as we were doing our nightly texting/wine drinking we came up with a brilliant idea (as one does when they are texting and drinking with their best friends) - "We can totally make these!"

So we did. 

And it was suuuuuuper easy. Like the longest part of the process is picking out your items you want to bedazzle with sparkly letter patches. 

 Here is all the info and instructions on how you can make your own Varsity Patch Fashion items. But if DIY isn't your thing, scroll down for some super adorable already made options we found. 


Total Project Time: 5 Minutes
Total Cost: Under $20 

(Note: depending on what items you decide to patch or how many patches you apply. For us this project stayed under $20 for each item.)


- Iron-on Varsity Letter Patches (We purchased ours from here and here. Shipping was super quick!)
- Hat, shirt, sweatshirt, etc. (We purchased this white sweatshirt, this aqua sweatshirt, this leopard tunic sweatshirt, and this white hat. All come in multiple color and pattern options.)
- Iron
- Ironing board or flat heat resistant surface
- Sharp scissors 


1: If you desire to have your hat or sweatshirt have that distressed look, do that first. Use the scissors to cut little notches, create pulls or rough up the edges. 

2: Warm iron up on high/cotton setting. Set aside on heat resistant surface. (Note: Do not set to steam.)

3: Place article flat on ironing surface.  

4: Pre-heat area where the varsity patch will be applied. Heat for about 30 seconds. 

5: Place patch on heated area, and then place iron over patch. Do not move iron around. Apply pressure for approximately 30-45 seconds. 

6: Check that item is secure, and set aside to let cool. 

7: Wear and enjoy! 


We know DIY isn't everyone's forte. Even at only 5 minutes. If you like the trend, but don't want to mess with DIY, here are some shoppable already made options. Click an item and it will show you the details!

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