Thursday, September 16, 2021

Pattern Mixing Throw Pillows with Christy B. Home


Slowly, but surely, I'm getting to the fun portion of our house remodel. The decorating part. I've tried to do a great job of reusing what we had at our old house. I've rearranged things in different spaces, and donated anything we know we aren't going to use. 

The porch is one thing I LOVED at our old house. I remember picking out every single detail and feeling like it was the perfect outdoor entertaining space for our family. It was cozy, functional, and that couch is nap worthy comfortable. 

The new porch space is about the same size, so it was a seamless fit of all my favorites. But it's been five or so years, and mama needed some new throw pillows. 

Well, don't we always need some new throw pillows?

I stumbled across Christy B. Home and instantly fell in love with Christy's custom pillows.  She makes pattern mixing look so easy and has so many great mix and match options on her site. 

She offers a wide selection of sizes, tons of great patterns and colors, and even great styling tips too! 

The second I saw the Lonny Grass pattern, I knew I was in love. It's a bolder option than I typically gravitate towards, but Carrie Beth saw it and confirmed that it was just as amazing as I thought and would be the perfect addition to my porch space. I paired two 20x20 pillows with a few lumbar pillows in the Diamonda Pattern, and it is a match made in pattern mixing heaven.

Christy B. Home pillows are luxurious and made with high quality fabrics and the utmost attention to every single detail.  Christy's interior design background really shines through in all of her collections. She currently has three lines: The Garden Girl, Tropic Fun, and Coral Costa

The pillows I ordered are from the Garden Girl line, but you can't go wrong with any. I already have my eye on a few more I'd like her to make for me. 

I just have to figure out how to sneak them past Mr. Magnolia. 

This is a new venture for Christy, and we would love for you guys to stop by, say hi to her on Instagram, and show her you love a good throw pillow just as much as we do. 

Which Christy B. Home Collection is your favorite? 

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