Monday, March 14, 2022

How To Create Beautiful Faux Floral Arrangements

Last week we shared Unique Ways To Display Florals and highlighted one of our very favorite places to get amazing real looking faux florals!  Casabella in East Cobb not only has an incredible selection of florals, but they also have professional designers on hand to help you shop, give you tips, and to offer their suggestions and expertise. 

We met up with one of them last week to get some tips for creating beautiful faux floral arrangements. She shared 4 easy steps, as well as, some pro tips to make them look natural and realistic!  

Step 1
Pick the perfect vase and put floral foam in the bottom. 
Pro tip: Floral foam is key for helping the stems stay in place where you want them. 

Step 2
Start with your main attraction or focal flowers.  You'll put one in the center and then work your way around, spacing them out.  
Pro tip: Use an odd number of these focal flowers.  

Step 3
Next use filler flowers in a contrasting color in between the focal flowers. 
Pro tip: Pick flowers that are in season to help them seem more realistic. 

Step 4
Fill in the holes with greenery. 
Pro tip: To help your arrangement look more natural, allow greenery to spill over the edges of the vase and try using different shades of green. 

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