Monday, March 7, 2022

Unique Ways To Display Florals

Spring has sprung!!!  We just love this time of year because the sun is shinning, weather is warming up, and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is a time of renewal in nature, so it is also the perfect time to renew and refresh your home decor, too! 

One of the easiest ways to bring spring indoors is by adding some colorful florals and greenery. This is something that can be done in every room of your home. From tiny bud vases to large center pieces, any where you can add florals will give you space a fresh feel. 

While fresh flowers are wonderful, we love the hassle-free and long-lasting alternative of faux flowers.  Before you start to question using faux let us just tell you how amazing the faux floral market has come. Our friends and Casabella have the the MOST real looking ones we have seen.  They are an amazing quality and don't only look real, but some of them even feel real.  It's crazy and something you just have to see for yourself.  

Another thing we love about the florals from Casabella are all of the different ways to display them.  They've got an incredible variety of containers, vases, jars, baskets and more.  Walking around their store it is so much fun to see all of the unique ideas.  If you really think outside of the box and get away from a traditional vase, you can put flowers and greenery in or on just about anything. We thought we'd share some of our favorite ways to display them in the hopes that it would inspire some of you when sprucing up your homes for spring! 

Ceramic and pottery:  You could pick something neutral and let colorful flowers be the star of the show,  do neutral flowers with pretty pattered container or use a textured container with greenery for a neutral look. 

Mercury glass: Who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle and shine?  This silvered glass can bring a touch of classical elegance to your space and will compliment any decor. 

Metal: Want a little more of a rustic farmhouse feel? Using a metal container can do just that.  It could be textured or smooth, shiny or dull, but contrasting colorful flowers will pop in a container like this! 

Dough Bowls: Dough Bowls of all shapes and sizes are still in and we love them because there are just so many different ways to fill them.  We love a variety of greenery orbs placed in dough bowls on tables, counters or shelves for a touch of green. 

Lanterns: We adore lanterns of all shapes, sizes and materials.  Often time many people only think to add a candle in their decorative lanterns, but we love how the decorators at Casabella stage their lanterns with florals, berries, and greenery. 

Bowls: We loved the look of having faux tulip stems laying in a simple bowl or a floral orb placed in a small bowl to add a bit of color to a bar cart or appetizer tray.  Something so simple, but so beautiful to bring some color and life to any space. 

Baskets: Baskets are often used as decor by themselves, but after visiting Casabella we are now on a mission to fill them all with a variety of faux floral stems!  

Glass: Of course traditional glass vases will never go out of style.  Tiny bud glasses can be filled with just a touch of water to give the faux flowers an even more realistic look! 

Other: Like we mentioned above, you can use just about anything to hold flowers and some of our very favorite and unexpected discoveries at Casabella was a decorative trashcan filled with hydrangea stems!

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you to think outside of the box and find a unique way to display florals and greenery in your own home.  If you are local, be sure to check out Casabella for more inspiration and for all of their amazing life-like faux florals this spring! 

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