Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Decor

I love decorating for holidays, even if it means just putting out a few things to give the holiday a special feel.  Since Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the month I usually put out a few things near at the end of January and keep them up through Valentine's Day.

Outside I have the Target Dollar Spot DIY wreaths I made.  You can read all about them HERE, but they are seriously the easiest project I've ever completed.  I'm not even sure if it would qualify as a project, but they  look great on the front doors!

Inside I just have a few other things I put out in our kitchen and keeping room area.  This year my new find was from Kohl's. I was in there shopping for dressing for the girls' upcoming Daddy/Daughter dance and happened to see  THIS hand-hooked pillow.  I knew I couldn't leave without it!  One day, when my kids are old enough to not spill and make messes while they eat, I will have a custom cushion made for the bench in our breakfast nook, but for now I love accessorizing with seasonal pillows.  It's on sale right now too!!!

I also used the glitter mason jar from Target's Dollar Spot and displayed with with red roses and a picture of my husband and I on our wedding day!  Nothing says love like a wedding day photo. :-)

The rest of my kitchen has a few other touches that just add a little bit of color and a little bit of "LOVE" for the holiday.

 And of course, Valentine's Day would not be complete without a bowl of conversation hearts.  I had to move these out of reach from the kiddos because they were grabbing handfuls every chance they got.  Now at least I can control how many they are eating!

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