Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kitchen Confessions: Easy Chicken Pot Pie

One of the best things about those first few weeks of being home with a new baby was all of the generosity of friends, family and neighbors.  We were showered with tons of meals and some really great food!  It was way better than we would have been doing on our own and just one way that I love to help out new moms (and dads).  In fact, I remember the Mr. saying after one of our kids was born, "I'd have another kid just so we could get all of this good food again."  Ha!

This week I was scheduled to make and take dinners to a few different families for a few different reasons.  One was a family with a new baby and the other is a good friend of mine that that shoulder surgery. It is hard for her to do anything right now, let alone make dinner for her family.  

One of my go-to meals to take people is an easy chicken pot pie.  I got this recipe from my mom and it never fails me.  It is quick and easy to put together and it freezes really great, too.  I made 4 of them this week!  Two to take to friends, one for us to eat that night, and one to freeze and use at a later time.  

1-2 chicken breast (boiled and shredded) 
1 can Cream of Chicken soup 
1/2 cup of milk 
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables 
salt and pepper to taste
2 pre-made pie crusts (generally one box comes with two) 

Boil and shred chicken breasts (Note: Often times I will cook the chicken the crock-pot on low for 6 hours. )
In a bowl combine soup and milk and stir until well mixed.  
Add vegetables, shredded chicken and salt/pepper to taste. 
Place one pie crust on bottom of pie pan. 
Fill with chicken/vegetable mixture. 
Top with second pie crust.  
Pinch crust together along the edges of the pie pan. 
Cut several slits on the top pie crust to allow for steam to exit.  
Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minute, or until crust turns golden brown.  

Before baking 

After baking 
When I'm taking a chicken pot pie to a family I will use a disposable tin pie pan so they don't have to worry about getting a dish back to me and I will just include baking directions so they can bake it anytime they are ready for it.  I also generally take some sort of easy dessert (usually just something I've picked up from the bakery at the grocery store) and sometimes I'll bring muffins for breakfast the next morning, too!  That is unless I burn them like I did this time.  Yep, that happened and it was about 10 PM, so there was no running to the store to whip up another batch.  I'll pay closer attention to the timer on my oven next time!  

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