Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites/Random Ramblings

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Favorites post link up, but this week I have a ton of favorites! Stick with me though because this post is going to be a bit of a brain dump. Life has been a blur lately with the start of school, but we have had a ton of fun things going on as well. 

Favorite #1: Baby Bump
At 18 weeks, I am finally gaining a little bit of energy back. Now I am just life/mommy tired which is totally doable. I can crash at night after the kids go to bed like a normal person rather than let's car pool line. (Eek totally happened!). 

We have now officially announced to everyone what little 3.0 will be. You got a little sneak peek if you follow us on Instagram, but I will share more on the gender reveal next week. We are super excited though! 

I am most excited though that I am finally showing a nice little bump. I am a tiny person and I thought for sure with #3 I would "pop" quick, but unlike my pregnancy with Little Cute, where I looked pregnant almost the moment I conceived, 3.0 didn't really make an appearance until a few weeks ago. I am glad to move beyond the "she ate one too many donuts" stage  (totally not an untrue statement by the way), and onto the "oh look she's pregnant" stage. 

Favorite #2: Liquid Calories
For most of this pregnancy I haven't been too hungry. I am not sure if it is the heat or just how this one will go, but I have definitely opted for liquid calories over anything else. Looking back on it, Lemon has been a huge craving and these Chickfila Frosted Lemonades and I have had a major romance going on all summer. I would drink them all day long if I could. 

But my first love will always be the smoothie. I am full on addicted. Orange Kabam is my absolute favorite flavor at Smoothie King, and I am at the local location so much that they now know my order the moment they see me pull up - an OK for me and and Lil' Angel for The Cutes. 

The best news came this week though when I picked up my order. One of the employees handed me this coupon and I literally swooned. 

I could never break up with the Orange Kabam, but I definitely can do a friendly second swing by to grab a Pumpkin Spice one! Pumpkin Spice people!! 

Favorite #3: A Little Tory Burch Love
So Miss Maddie apparently has really nice taste. While this week we managed to actually sleep through the night (side note: we did a food switch and that instantly did the trick - life changing!), her puppy chewing is in full force. 99% of the time we manage this and she is just fine chewing one of her many toys. In one of her sneakier moments this week she bolted into my closet and decided to do a little shoe shopping of her own. She by passed all the cheaper pairs of flip flops and went straight for the Tory Burch ones. 

While this moment is most definitely not my favorite it prompted me to give the Tory Burch website a little browse and I love some of the footwear they have out for this fall! Here are just a few of my favorites: 
Love these snake skin Miller sandals. It is still warm here for a few more months so easily these could be worn in the fall. (Bonus: they are also on sale right now!)
These red quilted ballet flats might be my new favorites. For fall I've been wanting some red shoes and these would be the perfect pop of color or great for game days. 
And I am just glad they still have some flip flops available and I am able to replace the ones she chewed. The navy just went with a lot of my summer stuff, and lets be honest...we wear flips flops straight through to November here. 

Favorite #5: A Surprise Party
For weeks Cute has been talking about celebrating his "Ellie's" birthday. Last week I finally caved and we planned a surprise birthday party for his beloved lovie. A close family friend gave Ellie to him when he was born and it hasn't been far since. Ellie goes everywhere!

Cute was very specific that Ellie needed a sprinkle cake. Who am I to deny that request. Pregnant mommies like cake too.

He made it mostly himself and then we surprised Ellie with it at dinner and sang to him. Totally worth it not only because Ellie has been through a lot and deserves to have his birthday celebrated, but also to see Cute's huge smile. I wish I could keep him little forever!

What were some of your favorites this week?

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  1. I'm in love with those red quilted ballet flats <3

  2. your baby bump is so stinkin cute and you look fabulous for being pregnant! If you really like pumpkin stuff, check out my blog! I post a lot of healthy recipes. For example, I recently posted a recipe for pumpkin cashew butter that is to die for.


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