Sunday, September 13, 2015

Savvy Sassy Sunday: Just Plum Yum On The Go

For years Carrie Beth and I have joked that we are so busy that most of our meals come from packages. It's sad, but most week days it is true. As our kids become more active in school and activities our lives become more full, and with that meal planning tends to take a back seat. 

Often we are driving from one activity to the next and just grab something on the go. Sometimes due to scheduling even our children have to abide by the "eat on the go" mentality we have adopted. Cute's soccer schedule during the week forces dinner to be tricky on practice day. We either have to eat dinner at 4:15p.m. or wait until we get home which is usually around 7:45p.m. If we eat that early The Cutes are usually starving by the time we get home. I've learned that eating dinner early and having yummy snacks on hand afterwards is usually the key to success. 

Fortunately, life on the road and meals that come from packages have come a long way since I was a child. Now you can find tons of yummy snacks that are healthy for you too, and not have to worry that your "package meal/snack" while convenient might be ruining everyone's eating habits. 

We've found some awesome brands of snacks along the way and one of our favorites is Plum Organics. A few weeks ago I mentioned that with Cute I had to be super conscious of what ingredients he consumed due to allergies and we from the moment he could eat food we were Plum fans. Their yummy pouches and puffs were some of his favorites as and infant and now both Cutes are addicted to some of their snacks for kids. They are super yummy and perfect for a grab and go snack on the road. 

There are a few that top their list - Jammy Sammy's being the one they get excited about the most. They are kind of like a nutra grain bar in texture and the perfect size for them. They love every single flavor, and we usually can't keep them stocked in the house. 

Little Cute has a slightly more lax schedule than her older brother, but with her own activities, helping me with errands, and pre-natal appointments, she does her fair share of tagging along. She hasn't met a snack she doesn't like, but one of her absolute favorites is Plum's Mighty Sticks

When Cute was younger the Mighty Sticks came in one bag inside a box, but now they come individually wrapped in a set of two. This is perfect for Little Cute, and a quick snack when she needs it. The flavors are a mix of vegetable and fruit and come textured as a soft stick. So even if your toddler doesn't have a ton of teeth yet, they are perfect to nibble on. 

And oh my...if I could make out with the inventor of the pouch, I totally would. The Cutes will eat anything that comes in a pouch. Literally anything! I could show Cute a plate of spinach and he would snub his nose at it...a pouch full of spinach though is apparently totally delicious. Plum Organics was one of the first brands who offered pouches of infant food in our area when Cute was little, so we've been hooked for awhile. 

Now that everyone has mastered the successful art of not squeezing the pouch inappropriately it is one of my favorite ways to give them a snack on the go. I simply pass one back in the car or give Cute a quick one on the fields during a break. Whether we are on the playground or aiming for something yummy for the lunch boxes the Mash Ups are our favorite pouches. They come in a variety of flavors which makes keeping pouch burnout at bay. The yummy taste, ease of non-messy eating, and quick no fuss clean-up make this a mommy favorite on the go snack. 

Having to be a slave to busy schedules and constantly feeling like we are eating on the run isn't always fun, but at least we are reassured that we are choosing a brand of snacks that provides yummy snacks and promotes healthy clean eating. That is all that this mom can ask for. 

What are some tricks that you have for eating on the go? 

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