Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meet Miss Maddie

Well after announcing our big news on Tuesday, you would think life was chaotic enough in our household. 

No, we apparently thrive on chaos.

Last month, on a slow Sunday morning, I was just lounging in my pjs snuggling on the couch with The Cutes watching cartoons. I decided to hop on Facebook for a quick sec and happened to see this adorable face pop up on my feed. One of my neighbors works with a local rescue and posted that this dog was currently up for adoption. 

We sadly lost both of our dogs with in the last year and had been missing having a dog around the house. We had originally planned to wait until Christmas or until next summer to get another one, but something about this sweet face (and the awful back story), mixed with what I will blame on my pregnancy hormones, led me to text the photo to Mr. Cute. 

Mr. Cute was diligently taking care of the lawn on this fine morning, but saw the text and immediately knocked on the front door and said "Call about her."

I was shocked. Mr. Cute is pretty picky about what dogs he wants. Later I learned he thought she looked like a Brittany puppy, which is one of his favorite dogs. 

Well fast forward through one house visit, a whole day later, and an interesting/expensive trip with The Cutes to the pet store for supplies, she is now ours. 

We knew very little about Miss Maddie other than she was approximately 8 weeks old, potty trained, crate trained, and has some sort of spaniel in her. 

The kids instantly fell in love with her, and have not stopped getting in her face showering her with their affection since. 

Miss Maddie we have learned has quite the personality. She knew just how to turn on the charm those first couple of days, but oh man have we loooooong forgotten what it is like to have a puppy. Once she got comfortable with us and our house, she has definitely decided she runs this place. She and Little Cute continuously compete for who can win the "Most Mischievous" crown each day. 

Some days it is a tag team effort and some Miss Maddie plots all on her own. 

The Cutes find her antics quite hilarious, and do what they can to encourage her adventurous side, while mommy is wondering why she doesn't hasn't bought into the whole European approach to pregnancy where wine drinking is encouraged. 

She has a strange need to unroll and tear up toilet paper. 

She apparently feels like Mr. Cute, and felt our house needed a little redecorating. Supposedly dupioni silk is out this Fall, and I need to find more suitable throw pillows for the office. 

While she enjoys car rides, she feels that they should best be spent erratically looking out each window as fast as you can, and has no problem launching herself into the drivers seat from the back seat to ward off any approaching driver with her high pitched ferocious bark. She must have some Pomeranian mixed in there...or Chihuahua. 

And while we were told she was 100% potty trained... the verdict is still out on that. (I will spare you the pictures I continually text Mr. Cute through out the day). Miss Maddie does not like her feet to touch wet or dewey grass,  it must be perfectly quiet as to not distract her from her business - breathing is not even encouraged, and with in the entire 4 mile trek around our neighborhood only two spots have been appropriate "business" handling locations. Preferably between the hours of 1am and 5:30a.m. 

But then all is forgotten when I see sweet moments like this. 

Or this. 

This kids love her and she has quickly found her way into everyone's hearts. I know the puppy stage won't last long and in a few years we will look back on this time and laugh just like we did with our two other dogs.  

This week Miss Maddie officially became ours. She had her surgery and we officially made sure that this personality can't be passed down to future generations, all her shots, and was microchipped. The day that she was gone everyone missed her terribly, and The Cutes were so excited she was home. They also felt the cone of shame was hilarious and requested their own. 

We look forward to the upcoming joy Miss Maddie will bring to our home (and to the moment when she keeps her other "joy" completely outside), and can't wait to share more of her fun adventures with you all. Until then say a little prayer for me and tip back an extra glass of wine in honor of my sanity.

Do you have a pet at home? What fun have they brought into your life? 

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