Friday, August 28, 2015

DIY Framed Cork Boards {Tutorial}

Happy Friday, Y'all!  Today I wanted to share a little project I completed this week from the VERY long (and often neglected) house to-do list.  You know, all of those projects that you think about, but never have time to get to?

Little Mama has a pin-board hanging over the desk in her room where she hangs special pictures, notes, awards, etc.  Blondie has been asking for a pin-board in her room for quite some time and I kept telling her I'd try to find one that matched, but never really came across anything (and, if I'm being honest, never really even looked.)  However, she has had two empty picture frames hanging above her desk since we moved in.

Usually, I will not hang frames until they have a picture in them, but these frames were not regular frames. I bought them at Hobby Lobby while we were building our house because they were so pretty and I knew they would match her lavender room.  But, in my quickness to throw anything purple in the cart, I didn't realize they came without glass, or a backing, or anyway to actually put a picture in the frame.  Hence the reason they sat empty for over a year.

When I got to thinking about a pin-board for Blondie I realized I could use those pretty frames and turn them into cork-boards, giving her the same functionality and use as a pin-board like her sister has.  I started by purchasing cork tiles from the craft store (also available on Amazon, HERE).   They generally come 4 to a pack.  

The tiles are 12 inch squares, so I cut them down to size and set them in the frame.  Because these frames did not come with any sort of latches to keep pictures in place I just used tape to hold it in place.

And that was it!  Seriously, the quickest and easiest project I have ever completed.  I just wish I had done it months ago.

Blondie was so excited and got to work right away picking out things to hang up on them like special pictures, awards, and crafts that she wanted to display.

 photo cbsignature.jpg

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