Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to School Favorites

Many of us have already started back to school, and over the next few weeks more and more parents will be feverishly gathering school supplies and students will be taking that first step up onto the school bus.

Going back to school takes preparation. Everyone wants everything to run smoothly to get a great start to the new school year and set the tone for the remainder of those 180 days.

We will be talking a lot about back to school over the next few weeks, and have some fun things to tell you about about and in the works.

Carrie Beth kicked off the fun by sharing her super cute teacher's gift earlier this week. This teacher's survival kit is an inexpensive and easy way to kick off the school year right and show your new teacher just how much you appreciate them.

Then we had a fun Pinterest party with some of our favorite bloggers and created a Back-to-School board to help get you prepped for everything school related. From trendy school supplies, to super cute first day of school outfits, to easy lunch box ideas, with almost 500 pins this board has it all!

With so many great ideas it is so hard to choose a favorite, but we have narrowed it down to our eight favorite back to school pins.


We love this pin. Getting up on those early back to school mornings is already tough and most often a huge race against the clock. These easy breakfast ideas make mornings just a little easier. 

2. First Day of School Shirt by beachtownbaby on Etsy
The first day of school outfit is always fun to pick out. From preschool to senior year in high school it is usually the outfit commemorated most by parents. We found tons of adorable options, but fell in love with this trendy and fun unisex baseball style tee. 

3. First Day of School Signs
A huge trend in recent years for the first day of school is to create or print a fun sign to label the year, teacher, etc., and take a photo of your child holding it. There are free printable covering everything from chalkboard signs to crayon drawn signs available online, but our absolute favorite was this creative First Day of School dry erase board option from Personalization Mall. So stinking cute! 

4. Lunchbox Printables
Speaking of printables, we also found tons of adorable little notes to print and place in your little ones lunch box. What a fun surprise for them to find, and such an easy way to brighten your child's day and remind them you are thinking of them even when you aren't right next to them. These fruit and vegetable themed ones are perfect for non-readers. We also thought these were adorable, as well as these fun jokes

5. Back to School Sneakers DIY by Lovely Indeed
You know we love us some theme wear. Back to school isn't just for the children - teachers, volunteers, school administrators, and parents can get in on the first day of fun too. We absolutely swooned over this fun Pencil Sneaker DIY. Seriously, how cute are those?!?

6. Cool Lunch Boxes
Aside from picking out their backpacks, children get super excited to express their personality with their lunch box. We love these lunch boxes from Pottery Barn Kids. We both have purchased these for our children, and have adored them. From super heroes to sports themed to their favorite color the  options are endless. We also loved that you can usually personalize inexpensively (and sometimes free). One less thing to label! Based on reviews and amount of pins we saw, you guys love them too! Also, don't forget to check out this great list of reusable lunch box items to help make packing that lunch box each day an easy and environmentally safe task. 

7. Creative Lunch Box Ideas
Not many things are more frustrating to a parent than packing their child's lunch box each day. Navigating your child's eating preferences, mastering the grocery shopping list, and offering a variety so that your child doesn't hit lunch box burnout becomes a school year challenge. This fun list of non-sandwich lunch box ideas gave us some fabulous inspiration. We also loved this list of 10 creative lunch box ideas. 

8. Back to School Dinner by howdoesshe
What a fabulous way to end that first day of school, or wrap up the first complete week. This back to school dinner is not only cute, but a special way to celebrate and kick off everyone's school year right. 

It was tough to narrow the list down to just these pins! Definitely check out the Back to School board, and use it as a resource for inspiration throughout the year! We can't wait to share some more back to school fun with you over the next few weeks and look forward to you guys sharing your thoughts with us. 

Here's to a great new school year!
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  1. This was a very helpful post. I'm going to look into the quick bfast recipes and also the non-sandwich lunch options! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know! We were so excited to find those and they are super cute! Mommy might even give them a try or two. ;)

  2. Such adorable tips!! I love the pencil sneakers and the fruit notes for lunches!!! Precious!!!

    1. Thank you Kristin! Aren't those sneakers adorable?!? We still have a tiny bit before back to school...I think I might attempt. :)


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