Sunday, August 30, 2015

Savvy Sassy Sunday: Mixing it Up with Annie's Homegrown

I don't know about anyone else's children, but mine snack a lot. I am always amazed at how much two little people can consume and not gain an ounce. Seriously, Cute hasn't gained a pound on his little body in a year and a half, but he eats all day everyday. I fear the teenage years.

With the massive amount of eating that The Cutes are doing, I try to make sure that their snacks choices are both healthy and fulfilling so that at least they are putting nutritious food into their little growing bodies instead of just consuming empty calories (something I myself am not always the best at doing). 

One of my favorite go-to snack brands for them is Annie's. Long ago when Cute was the only mini resident in the house, I was introduced to Annie's products by a friend. Cute was born with a few food allergies and still has to limit certain ingredients into his daily diet, and Annie's was one of the few brands that offered such a wide variety of kid friendly healthy snacks that met all his limitations. Not do I feel confident giving them to my children, but they are super yummy to boot (mommy has done her fair share of taste testing).

The fun thing about Annie's is not only do they have a great product line of snacks that are easy to grab and go for lunch boxes, sports snacks, and long car rides, but if you've ever been on their website they have a ton of fun recipes that they share that you can create with their products. From meals to snack modifications, there is a little something for every product they offer if you are craving a change.

One of our favorites is to make a trail mix with the Cheddar bunnies. Over Easter, I shared our Bunny Trail Mix , which is a fun mix of some of their sweet and salty snack products, but in the fall we like to switch it up a bit. I feel like in spring and summer we crave sweeter things and in fall and winter our family craves saltier meals and snacks. 

On Annie's Homegrown we came across this Spicy Bunny Mix recipe. It is delicious and has quickly become one of our family's favorite snacks. It's such a fun tasting twist on their already yummy cheddar bunnies. The few times I have made this I also like to include the white cheddar bunnies for a little something different. 

Everyone who has given it a taste has loved it and with football season just around the corner, I know that we not only be packing this for lunch boxes, but for our tailgates as well. 

I love that we have found a snack that everyone in the family can enjoy - and that is not an easy task! 

Do you have a snack that the entire family enjoys? 

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I received this credit for review as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. All opinions are my own.

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