Monday, August 17, 2015

Share Your Summer: Favorite Summer Memories

Today wraps up our Share Your Summer link party. We've had a blast sharing our summer with you and getting a sneak peek at yours. 

Official summer still has a few more weeks and we are getting in as much pool, lake, and cookout time as we possibly can while the warm weather sticks around (which technically means we should be good through October), but with back-to-school in full swing the carefree days of summer have come to an end. 

We reflect on some of our favorite memories this summer and can't help but think it was a truly awesome summer! 

Favorite moment #1: Summer kick-off at the lake
This is always one of my favorite moments of the summer. We've kicked off summer at the lake for years and it's always a fun time for both the kids and the adults. It's carefree and signals the official start of summer for our little crew. 

Favorite moment #2: Jamaica Mon!
Definitely one of my favorite moments of this summer was our trip to Jamaica. It was a great trip for many reasons and so much fun, but most of all I loved that I was able to unhook and relax with those that I love the most. We already can't wait to go back one day as a family. 

Favorite Moment #3: Lazy Days
Oh my our school year schedule is always go go go, and I know it's only going to get crazier as everyone gets older. It's always filled with fun (well, for the most part), but sometimes it's just nice to have a lazy day or two. This summer we definitely took advantage of not having any activities they entire eight weeks. It was GLORIOUS! 

Favorite Moment #4: Sharing Childhood Memories 
I loved being able to take both of my children to spend time with my family at the beach I grew up as a child. Even though Hilton Head has become a little more commercialized than when I spent my summers there, it is largely the same, and getting the chance to take my children to my favorite restaurants and play on the same beach is so much fun. I hope we are able to do it for years to come. 

Favorite Moment #5: Fun with Friends
We always have a blast with our friends, and this summer was no exception. Whether we were on a fun excursions about town, splashing at the pool, or having ninja water balloon fights in the back yard, I know my kids will look back fondly on the summer as just being able to enjoy great company with great friends. 

Favorite Moment #6: Change
A lot of change has been happening with our little family lately (more on this later), but one of the fun changes I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago. We've embraced each change as a family, and are excited about what the next year holds for us. I will share a little more in the upcoming weeks, but it has been fun to embrace these changes this summer and see the excitement through the eyes of our little ones. 

Over all we wish summer would never end and have enjoyed every minute of it...even the "I'm bored!" moments. 

Share your summer with us and let us know what some of your favorite moments were this summer. 

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  1. it looked like a great Summer. And even though it's in the 90's here, I consider it over since school has started. I had fun putting this post together, though!

  2. Love this idea of pulling together all your favorite memories from Summer. I'm just now seeing this cute post, but maybe I can pull a post together soon. Your kids are just adorable!!!


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