Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DIY Yarn Wreath Tutorial {Baby Shower Wreath}

On Monday I shared all about Jen's baby shower.  If you missed it, you can read all about it and see pics HERE.  I always like to do a little something for showers that the mama can take home with her. When I had Boo-Boo a friend of mine made a wreath for me to take home and I loved hanging on my front door when he was born!  For Jen's shower she had two goodies to take home (besides all of her amazing gifts). My sister-in-law made a super cute banner with her baby's name and I made a yarn wreath.  The wreath was not only for Jen to take home and hang on her door when the baby is born, but it also served as decor for the shower.

Some of you might remember I attempted yarn wreaths for Easter last year and I loved how easy they were to make.

To make a yarn wreath you will need a foam wreath, one thing of yarn (random FYI - it's actually called a skein of yarn) and any decorations you might want to go on your wreath.  I used a wooden letter that represents her baby's first initial and some snowflakes I found in the scrapbook section to match the winter shower theme.

Start by tying the yarn to secure one end.  

Then start wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. 

 I found it easier to wrap the yarn loosely for a bit...

Then push the yarn tight section by section to cover the wreath. 

Continue wrapping until you have covered the entire wreath.  Then tie of the end with loose end where you first started.  

Now you'll be ready to add decorations to your wreath.  I first added the wooden letter, but I was stumped as to how I would keep it on the wreath.  I was worried the wooden letter was too heavy to hot glue to the wreath so I ended up tying it on. I was going to use fishing line, but couldn't find any around the house so I improvised with dental floss.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It worked great though!  Then I hot glued the snowflakes on and put some over the letter where it was tied on to cover up the dental floss. :-)

I hung the wreath using snowflake ribbon and it was the perfect added touch!  

Have you made a yarn wreath before?  I'm on a roll and trying to think about what holiday or event I could make them for next!  

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