Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Best of San Francisco

Hi Friends!  Today instead of sharing something with all of you I'm hoping y'all can share something with me.  The Mr. and I are going to be taking a little trip to San Francisco soon and I can't wait to go!  I've never been to this iconic city, but I know there are so many great things to do and see.  

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We're planning to do wine country one day and then we'll have another day and a half to see the city before some of our more scheduled events begin.  Everyone I talk to who has traveled to San Francisco say they LOVE this city.  I've been trying to read and get some suggestions online, but if any of you have specific things you would recommend, I would love to hear them! Maybe your favorite tourist attractions, places to eat, things to see, etc.  Leave them in the comments or email me at themagnoliamamas@gmail.com.  Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I love this city!! Pack your walking shoes and head out to explore as much as possible. Our favorites were: Muir woods is stunningly beautiful with the Giant Redwoods and so close to the city, Ghirardelli Square smells amazing and everything is delicious, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf - lunch at Chic's on the water, cable car ride around the city, drive down Lombard Street and the Aquarium of the Bay. We'd hoped to visit Alcatraz, but ran out of time. Maybe on our next visit!! Hope you have a wonderful trip and look forward to hearing what your favorite spots end up being.

    1. Thank you! On a map it looked like we were staying close to everything, so I am happy to hear that walking is a good option. I can't wait to try some of our suggestions. Thank you!

  2. Here is a post from when we went in October. As corny as it is I loved the boat tour.


  3. Ok on my must do list is ride a cable car. Go to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is so interesting and the boat ride over is super fun! We loved McCormicks at ghiardelli square. After walking around all day it was nice to have a drink and overlook everything including the bay and Alcatraz. Definitely go look at Lombard street and flowers and houses are amazing
    If you go to wine country definitely go to Sterling vineyard as you ride up in a gondula to the top! If you rent a car, drive the bay/coast back and you can eat fresh oysters and see Muir Woods along the way

    1. Lizzi- Thanks for all of your suggestions. We are doing Alcatraz and have heard it is really neat. I think the cable car sounds like fun, too! Can't wait to check out some of your suggestions. Miss you sweet friend!

  4. Also at Alcatraz do the headset tour. It's worth the extra few bucks to know what you are looking at 😀


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