Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kitchen Confessions: Easy Halloween Cookie Sandwiches

We're in full blown Halloween mode around here.  Costumes are picked, decorations are out, and we've got our school's fall festival this weekend.  It's always such a fun event with inflatables, face painting, games, and more.  There is always a pumpkin auction and each class has a parent decorate craft pumpkins to be auctioned.  This year I did two of my three kids' classes.  

Boo-Boo's class theme is a bear cubs so I'm hoping someone will purchase this and donate to their teacher to have as decoration for the classroom.  

Also, as part of the fall festival they have a bake sale and ask parents to donate treats and goodies.  I usually try to come up with something different each year and have done a variety of things in the past: 

This year I saw a video going around on Facebook and it had the best idea!  I wish I could find it and give them credit, but it seems lost somewhere in Facebook world now.  Just know I didn't come up with this idea, but I will tell you I can certainly execute it!  Halloween Cookie Sandwiches were SO easy to make and are so yummy to eat! 

You start with store-bought sugar cookies.  You know the ones with the cute little holiday designs?!  They have them for every holiday so I'm thinking this is going to be a dessert we make for just about any and every holiday from now on. 

Bake the cookies following directions on the package and allow to fully cool. 

Next, using store-bought cake frosting I spread a little frosting on the bottom of one cookie and stuck it together with the bottom of another cookie.  

Lastly I rolled the exposed edges of frosting in Halloween sprinkles and called it done!  I mean, so simple, so cute and so delicious! 

When the kids saw them they were so excited until I told them these were for the bake sale.  However, I made extras and let them taste test for me.  Blondie declared them the best thing she has ever had. Ever.  She assured me these would make tons of money for the bake sale. :-) 

I'm going to package them up in clear baggies and turn them in to the school tomorrow!  And now more sugar cookies are on my grocery list because the kids want to make some more of these fun treats!  

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