Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Halloween Treats for Teachers

I love spoiling teachers!  I used to be one (before having kids) so I know how it feels to get little treats or gifts from students.  Even a hand-written note of thanks and appreciation can go a very long way in brightening a teachers day.  (Or anyone's day, for that matter!)

Teachers have an incredible responsibility to care for and prepare our children for the future and they obviously don't get paid enough for that great task.  As a parent, I feel like the least I can do is prepare little goodies to show them our appreciation and say "thank you" for being so wonderful.

Every Halloween my kids help me make this snack mix to give their teachers.

It might seem like an odd combination, but trust me, it is really good! I don't even like candy corn and I like it in this mix.  There is something about the sweet/salty mixture that makes it so tasty.

4 cups Cheerios or Chex cereal
1/2 bag of mini-marshmallows
1/2 bag of pretzels
2 bags of candy corn

Mix together and enjoy.  Seriously, it is that simple.

I buy a package of 12 mason jars at the grocery story for less than $1 a piece.  Then the kids help me fill them with the snack mix, tie cute coordinating ribbons and we are good to go.

Super simple, super cute and the perfect little way to say "Happy Halloween" and bring a smile to just about anyone.  My kids get so excited to give these treats and this year we will give them to school teachers, our bus driver, dance teachers, and cheer coaches.  And, we might just have saved some of the snack mix for ourselves!
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