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10 Favorite Children's Halloween Books

We are definitely a family who enjoys reading. One of my favorite things is to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket to get "lost" in a good book, and I am so thankful that my husband and I have passed that enjoyment down to our children.

Both Cute and Little Cute love to read, and have amassed quite a library for themselves in each of their rooms. A book is probably one of the few things I won't turn down for them when we are out in a store. I just can't say no when they get so excited to want to learn a new story.

Needless to say when it comes to any sort of holiday we usually have a large section of themed books we can bring out. Halloween, of course, is no exception.

I asked Cute and Little Cute, and some of their friends, to help me pick out a list of their Top Ten Favorite Halloween Books to share with you guys. Cute took this job very seriously and made sure to tell me exactly which ones were his favorite and why. Little Cute expressed her own form of winning input which included both a touch and feel seminar and a taste testing portion. Together I think they came up with a great top ten that I highly recommend based off nightly reading requests.

Here is their list...

Ten Favorite Children's Halloween Books

This book was most definitely one of Cute's favorites when he was younger and was requested multiple times a day. Little Cute is falling just as in love with this book and reading about this fun duo. Follow Duck and Goose as they go in search of the perfect pumpkin.

Again, another favorite in that 0-2 age category. This board book has the fun touch and feel pages and Little Cute gets so excited to see it everyday, and I remember reading Biscuit books when I was younger. Follow Biscuit as he learns about different Halloween costumes and even gets a trick and a treat himself.

Both Cutes have loved this book. It's a board book with lift the flaps as well as a soft squishy cover. It shows baby a variety of costumes and has a surprise mirror for them to see themselves in at the end (a signature of this author).

This hands down is one of Cute's favorite series, and he was so excited to read the Halloween version. He told me, "It was a little bit scary, but I knew Duck was being sneaky!". :) Farmer Brown does not like Halloween, but that doesn't stop all of his animals from getting in on the Halloween fun. There are lots of fun tricks in store for Farmer Brown.  And maybe a treat or two.

This book is new to our collection this year, but it has quickly become a family favorite. It is kind of fun to read a story with local landmarks and cities mixed in it. This author (Eric James) also created similar books for other states as well if you would like to join in the hometown Halloween fun.

Cute loves this one because it is "just so silly". It has the natural flow of the old song we grew up with ("There was an old lady who swallowed a fly..."), but with a Halloween twist. 

This hands down is Cute's number one requested Halloween book this year. Follow a witch and her broom on adventure in which she keeps losing her things but gaining new friends. These new friends become helpful when the witch finds herself in a sticky situation. 

The Sheep in a Jeep series is definitely one of Cute's favorites, and the Halloween one does not fall short of the original that he fell in love with. He's read this book series so much that even some of our friends without children can recite lines from it. In this Halloween themed version the Sheep decide to trick or treat, but as usual things don't go as planned. 

This was a recommendation from Carrie Beth's little ones. Apparently an old lady makes claims that she isn't scared of anything. One night while walking in the woods she hears some strange noises, and suddenly gets the scare of her life. (Now I am intrigued. This might just have to make it into our cart soon.) 

I knew I wanted to include a book for older children for you guys, so the Cutes and I asked some of their friends, who are already reading chapter books, what their favorite was. Hands down everyone we polled said this book was one of their favorites. 

And there you have it...the official Cute compiled list. :) Hope you and your little ones enjoy reading some fun themed books this Halloween season. 

Do you have a favorite not mentioned? We would love to hear about it!

Happy Reading!
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  1. Love this post!! Thanks to Amazon, two of those books will be on our doorstep by Friday. I just love collecting holiday books and pulling them out seasonally!


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