Monday, October 6, 2014

A Surprising Statement {Giveaway}

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen this picture last week...

I found this fun statement necklace while I was out and about doing errands with the Cutes last week. I had no intentions of buying any new costume jewelry, but when I saw this piece out of the corner of my eye, I was intrigued. I saw the price tag and it instantly had to come home with me. 

I loved it so much, I even wore it again to a fun outdoor birthday we had this weekend.

By the way the errand that I happened to be doing at the time that I saw the super cute statement was at a little place called Walmart. 

Yup, your eyes are not seeing things. I was trying to pick up shipping supplies and while cutting through an aisle I saw the necklace and did a double take. 

I hadn't been to Walmart in awhile, but they have definitely stepped up their game. At least in the statement necklace department. 

I was so impressed! Not only by their vast selection, but also by their great price. Ten dollars...sign me up!

These were just some of my favorites. 

I would have taken more pics, but Cute was growing restless and Little Cute saw shiny pretty things and was making it her mission to throw as many in the cart as she could get her tiny hands on. 

She is a girl after my own heart. I guess there is something to be said for genes. :) 

A second necklace did make its way home with us though. It's not for me though. Remember, I am a giver.

 This super cute necklace is for one of you guys! 

After sharing my excitement with Carrie Beth (and quite possibly rushing over to her house to show her my new find), we thought it would be fun to give one away as well. It's not everyday you find a super cute statement necklace for only $10. That is definitely something to celebrate and share!

Enter below for a chance to win and the winner will be announced on Friday! Good luck!!!
 photo jensig.png

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**In no way is the contest affiliated with Walmart. This giveaway is solely sponsored and funded by The Magnolia Mamas.**


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  2. My absolute favorite accessory is statement necklaces! I followed you on all accounts! Thank you for the chance!! Xoxo <3

    Instagram: @eyessounique
    Pinterest: Jasmine Thomas

  3. I love statement necklaces(:
    I have entered. Thank you! (:

  4. Such a cute necklace! I can't believe where you found it. How awesome! Guess I see a trip to Wally World in my future

  5. I'm new really love love this gorgeous statement necklace l in this blog is amazing ,just keeping my fingers crossed to win ,thank you for giving , :-) :-)!

  6. Instagram Jennychilo

  7. What a great Wal-Mart find. Don't mind being trendy when it only costs $10!


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