Friday, April 27, 2018

Fashion Fix: One Piece Swimsuits

Happy Friday friends! This week we are changing our Friday Favorites up a bit, and chatting about one subject. But it's a good one!!

All right ladies - swimsuit season is almost here! The biggest trend in women's swimsuits lately seems to be the one piece. For the record this is a trend we can fully get behind. We spend most of our year on the water, and while we love a good bikini or a tankini, we've found that the one piece is our new go-to swimsuit style of choice.

We love the one piece for a lot of reasons, but the biggest is that it's a no worry piece. As water loving moms we are constantly bending down, playing in the water, digging in the sand, doing cannon balls with the best of them, and occasionally breaking out that old wakeboard of ours. We want to be able to play and have fun with our family and not worry about pieces of our bikini floating away at inopportune times. (Is there ever an opportune time for that to happen?)

We used to think the one piece was "old lady-ish", but totally not the case. There are so many trendy, fun, sexy, and our personal favorite - slimming! - ones out there. Now that we've found the magic of the one piece we might not ever go back to our separate swimsuit ways. 

Here's a peek at some of our favorite one piece swimsuits!


We've noticed the difference between it being a mom swimsuit and feeling like a mom swimsuit is all in the details. Little subtle additions or details can make the swimsuit go from frumpy to fabulous. Here's a peek at some of our favorite tiny details that make a huge difference!

This navy swimsuit was a favorite of ours last year, and even with it's inexpensive price it held up great. We love the little criss-cross detailing in the back and in the front. It comes in tons of fun colors, has great reviews, and is definitely going to be one of our go-to's this year too! 

Here's a peek at some other fun detailed swimsuits we love...

Fun one piece swimsuits for women. Little details to make that mom swimsuit stand out!

2. Scalloped Edge Swimsuit (comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns too!)


Ruffled details might just be our favorite out of the one piece swim suit trend. I (Jen) spotted this little hot pink swimsuit in the most unlikeliest of places - in the middle of nowhere South Georgia at Walmart. I was halfway into my spring break road trip and realized I ran out of wipes. I was checking out and spotted this out of the corner of my eye. It was pink and ruffled - I couldn't leave it behind!

Pink Ruffled Swimsuit for women

I bought it on a whim and instantly texted CB about it. The next day I wore it on the beach and got stopped at least three times by other women asking where I purchased it. I also put this photo up on Instagram, and to date it might be the most asked about item we have ever shared. I answered probably close to 50 emails about it. 

And because it was just that awesome...

Carrie Beth bought it too! 

It's under $20 and we've had several people send us their photos or purchases of this swimsuit saying they love it too! We are all feeling the love for the ruffle! Here are a few more favorite ruffled swimsuit options we've seen out and about...


This black ruffled one shoulder swimsuit is probably my all time favorite swimsuit. The cut is so flattering and the slight ruched siding is slimming. Even with tons of wear over last summer and being packed on several trips since then it has held up great and still looks brand new. It comes in a few other fun colors (white, coral, and blue) and I'm tempted to order them all now!

Here's a look at some of our other one shoulder favorites we've spotted in our shopping travels...

One Shoulder Swimsuits for women

And this black one has been on our list to try on for awhile! Has anyone tried on a Miracle Suit? We know some ladies who rave about them, and anything to give us a little ten pound lighter look and feel - we're in!


We love the look of these off the shoulder suits and although our tan lines might not be ideal after wearing these, we think it is definitely worth it for the cute factor! While picking up the pink ruffled swimsuit mentioned above, I also spotted this one and fell in love! 

Some other's we are eyeing and adding to our carts...


Crochet details seem to be everywhere the season, and swimsuits are no exception!

This crochet one piece swimsuit is a new addition this year. We saw it on a few Instagram feeds and purchased it just before Spring Break. I've heard mixed reviews, but I personally fell in love the minute I put it on. Fair warning, it doesn't hide anything, but I love that it gives great coverage without feeling like I am wearing so much material like I do with some one pieces. It comes in a few different colors, and I would suggest ordering one size up especially if you are a little bustier. (Sorry for the bathroom selfie!)

Here's a look at some other great crochet options...

On trend: Crochet one piece swimsuits for women

1. White Crochet One Piece Swimsuit
2. Crochet Inset Neck One Piece Swimsuit
3. Crochet Trimmed One Piece Swimsuit
4. High Neck Crochet Swimsuit
5. Crochet Bandeau Swimsuit
6. Peach Plunge Crochet Swimsuit

And we've been eyeing this one too...

It's a little more revealing than some, but since we are at this retailer often (sometimes several times a week), this crochet one piece keeps growing on us each time we cruise by with our cart. One day soon it might just hop in without us even realizing. It wouldn't be abnormal for this store.

Now we want to know...are you on board with the one piece swimsuit trend? Which style is your favorite? Share with us! 

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  1. This is helpful. My wife was just talking about how one-piece suites have come a long way over the years. I still didn't realize there were so many options.

  2. I love that first suit, in navy - so pretty! I do like all the ruffles and the different layers of fabrics. I could use a new swimsuit this year.

    1. It's one of our favorites! And so inexpensive too! Our swimsuits get so much use, it's so nice to have some inexpensive options!

  3. I love how elegant these one-pieces look. Back in the day a one piece looked, well, plain. Now there are so many details and variencies that make them look great!

    1. Yes! We are loving the trend right now and how many options there are!

  4. Those are really cute swimming suit, I can't wait for the summer and enjoy the beach.

    1. YES!! Bring on the beach and summer! We are ready!

  5. It's great that there is so much more variety in one piece swimsuits! This is a great collection.


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