Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Weekend Getaway: St. Augustine Beach

Last week I shared about our short time in Fernandina Beach.  That was the first stop of our little weekend getaway, but the second stop had us in St. Augustine!

We stayed at the brand new Embassy Suites and it was really nice!  It was right on the beach, had a great pool, was walkable to a lot of restaurants and Rita's Italian Ice and even had a Starbucks on site, which my kids loved!

A lot of people from the Atlanta area love the Gulf beaches because of the crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches.  Those beaches are beautiful, but I grew up going to the Atlantic beaches and my kids love them most because of the bigger waves! They are huge fans of being in the ocean and big waves just make it more fun.

Lucky for them we didn't have great weather which made the waves even bigger and the chance for shells in your hair even better.

It kind of made me laugh the entire weekend because there were a ton of people out on the beach and at the pool in the rain, us included. They either didn't seem to notice it was raining or just didn't care.

At one point I was huddled under a towel trying to stay warm so the kids could play at the beach. A little rain couldn't stop our fun. :-)

We were so lucky that some of our best friends live in Florida and decided to come spend a few nights at the hotel with us.  We laughed together, weathered the storms together, and just enjoyed each other's company!  We were having so much fun that on what was supposed to be our last night we made a very last minute decision to extend our stay for one more night!  

We were so happy that we did because we woke up to SUNSHINE on our last day there.  It was a GREAT day and the perfect ending to our little getaway!

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