Monday, October 3, 2022

Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms {Stockpile Supplies}

October is here!!!  I love the fall and October is one of my favorite months. As a child Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays, I love all the pumpkins, and it's the start of the holiday season. SO much to love about October.  October is also a VERY busy month for us.  It's usually the time that fall sports begin to overlap with winter sports so there are added practices which is always fun in the game I like to call How will I get everyone where they need to be?

A new month means a new post in the Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms series.  This month is about stockpiling supplies and no I don't mean hoarding toilet paper like the early Covid days.  I'm talking about school supplies, gifts, and other things to keep on hand that will make you life a little easier.  

It's usually around this time of the school year that my kids end up running out of things.  They either need new mechanical pencils, index cards, or even just notebook paper.  I have a bin of school supplies like these that I keep in our hall closet so that when someone needs something I'm not running out to the store every time.  I also keep several sheets of poster board on hand because it never fails there is a project or something due I find out about at the last minute.  

Generic birthday cards and gift cards are also great to have on hand.  Between three kids we get a lot of birthday party invites and while we do special gifts for close friends, often times a gift card is what everyone wants and it's just as easy for me to buy a pack of three when I'm picking them up so I have the extras on hand at home.  

Just when I thought the days of playing dress-up were over, the teenage years are proving me wrong!  As the kids get older there are all sorts of themed practices, spirit theme days, and football games to dress up for.  I keep all of our costume accessories and popular theme dress-up things stockpiled together.  Sort of like the grown up version of the dress-up basket that used to live in our play room. Of course I have had to buy some things for the special days, but I always make sure to put everything back in one place when they are done with it so when the next themed day rolls around, I know right where to send them to hunt for the perfect piece instead of re-buying each time. 

Another thing I try to always keep stockpiled are snacks and drinks.  I love for my kids to have friends over and I want them to always feel comfortable with lots of snack and drink options. I try to keep our basement and drink fridge stocked with waters, sports drinks, and sodas and I always get individually packaged snacks to keep in our pantry and in the basement so the kids can always have a variety of things to choose from. 

The last thing I keep stockpiled are toiletries, medicines, toothbrushes, and stuff like that.  I'll usually stock up when they are on sale so I always have a back up or two in the closet or under the bathroom cabinet for when we run out. It just makes life easier to not feel the need to rush to the store when someone is out of something. 

Do you keep anything stockpiled at your house?  Share with me in the comments!  


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