Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Basement Tour

Almost a year ago I shared a basement inspiration post and it has taken me this long to finally get around to sharing the finished space.  I did a little update post last summer when we were under construction, but then the project was completed just about the time school started and life got crazy busy.  I had a few free minutes earlier this week and decided to run down there and snap a few photos to share! Nothing is every really done because I have ideas of things I would like to add down here, but for now I'll share what I have! 

We decided to do the same off-white cabinets we have in our upstairs kitchen just to keep it constant. Because this house was originally a 1960's ranch and the basement was original that meant we had low ceilings down there. I knew I wanted everything to be pretty neutral to make it feel more open than it really is.  

Because of the low ceilings we also decided to not put any upper cabinets in and instead do a shiplap type paneling instead of a backsplash.  I might just love this kitchen more than my main kitchen. Shh! 

I also knew I wanted to have an X detail on the ends of the island, and just love how it turned out. It's a simple little thing, but I love the detail it adds.   

I searched for bar stools for quite some time. I knew I wanted them to swivel so that anyone sitting there could sit and eat at the island and also be able to turn around to watch the TV or the pool game behind them. I ultimately went with these and LOVE them.  They were SO affordable compared to others I had found and I love them so much I've thought about getting the same ones for upstairs. The linen upholstery and brass nail heads had me at first sight and the color is just perfect for the space.  

Also in the kitchen space is this built in wine rack that I love, because...wine!  My cousin makes and sells personalized signs, wooden pieces and other fun goodies.  She made this GA wall hanging that my mom gave it to me for Christmas and it matches great in the basement. 

Because we don't have upper cabinets, we decided to add an extra set of drawers on the other side of the refrigerator so we could have more storage.  I keep some treats for the kids there and also this fun set up with snacks for when their friends are over they can easily grab something. 

Opposite the kitchen is where the fun happens. 

The pool table was left in the basement from the previous owners and we had it re-felted, refinished with rough cut cedar and then the Mr. stained it.  I wish I had a before picture, because the difference  is like night and day! 

Behind the sliding barn doors is a small workout room the Mr. uses on pretty much a daily bases. I haven't used it once because I have to leave the house to exercise and prefer group fitness classes like Barre. Some might think that is crazy, but if I'm at home I am doing a million other things so I say, to each his own. I do love the barn doors though.  They were a kit from Home Depot that could be painted or stained. 

In the corner we have this papasan chair and it is probably the thing that gets used in the basement the most.  It is SO comfy and I wish we had room to put two of them because everyone always fights over sitting in it.  I LOVED the fuzzy snow leopard cushion that I ordered to go with it and found the sign at HomeGoods which was so very appropriate. We have such busy schedules with the kids so when we have a chance to just be home together and hangout in the basement, it feels so wonderful. 

Also in this space we have a small bar height table I bought at a moving sale that we use for games and also a foosball table that Santa brought this Christmas. 

Right around the corner is this living area. We got a great deal on the furniture and already had the coffee table and end tables.  

I love these buffalo check pillows and the map project that I shared a while back is still one of my favorites. 

The couch faces a brick fireplace that we painted the same off-white and is original to the house. 

There is also a bedroom and bathroom for guests that might stay over. We love sleepovers! 

I kept everything really neutral and we did the same wall color and painted doors like we have throughout the rest of the house to keep it all consistent.  

Now a few things to note... 
We finished the basement thinking it would be a great space for entertaining. We love having friends and family over and wanted a place where we could have our friends and their kids without being in our normal everyday living space.  We also had thoughts of a pool at one time (that has kind of gone by the wayside for now) so we also finished this space with that in mind. 

While we had entertaining in mind when we did the basement, we also love using it as a family of 5.  It feels like a little escape from our regular routines and gives us a place to just spend time together.  If we are upstairs in the main area of the house everyone is spaced out and doing their own thing.  Down in the basement we all hang out together, which I love. 

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