Friday, March 23, 2018

What's in our Easter Baskets 2018

Easter is a little over a week away, and we can't even believe it. It totally snuck up on us this year! We feel so behind! Anyone else? We can't be the only ones?!

We put ourselves in Easter overdrive this week to get prepped, and have been consulting the Easter Bunny on what will be arriving in our baskets.

While we love a good holiday, we try not to go too overboard with the Easter baskets.  Because let's be honest, Christmas was like just yesterday, and our kids have way more than they will ever need.  But we've listened and observed to get ideas about little things here and there that the kids might like in their baskets.

Here are some of the things we know will be making it into our baskets this year mixed in with what we know are tried and true favorites for each age group.



  • Sunglasses - Sunny spring weather has to be just around the corner.  Get them prepared with some fun sunnies.  We love the mirrored ones and these heart shaped ones are super fun, too!
  • Squishies!!!  - This is a trend we don't know that we'll ever understand, but these cute little shaped pieces of memory foam called squishes are one of the hottest trends right now.  Kids like to squeeze and squish them and watch the slow rising foam take it's shape again.  This is the perfect thing for an Easter basket, and something Tweens will definitely be excited about!
  • Water bottles - New water bottles they can take to school or sports are the perfect addition to Easter baskets.  Simply Southern Tervis' with non-leak lids are some of our favorites because of their cute designs and of course we are partial to Swell bottles after Little Mama's winning Science Fair project. 


  • Slime Making Kits - We might be over the slime fad, but our kids are still going strong.  We prefer these slime making kits because we feel like it is less mess and easier to get the consistency right. Our kiddos will be over the moon with some new slime stuff. 
  • Goggles - Summer will be here before you know it.  We spent lots and lots of time at the pool so usually start off with new goggles each year and the Easter Basket is a perfect place to work those in.  We like these cute designs that add a little flair to traditional goggles. 
  • Pool Toys - Along the same line as goggles, new pool toys are always a safe bet for baskets. Anything from dive sticks, water balls or squirt toys make going to the pool more fun and stocking up on them now for basket fillers means you'll be ready for that first splash! 
  • DVD's - Anyone else's kids love watching movies?  There are so fun new releases out right now that we plan ago stick in our baskets.  Cars 3, Ferdinand and Coco are some we know our kids are going to love watching! 


  • Art Supplies - Playdough, coloring/painting supplies (we love these mess free ones!!), pretty much anything that let's them use those fine motors and sensory skills! 
  •  Flip Flops - Pool season is just around the corner for us, and we love adding inexpensive flip flops to their Easter baskets! Between swim lessons, the beach, and the pool flip flops are a way of life in our homes. Our favorites are from Old Navy and Target. Both have such cute selections! 
  • Mini Lego Packs - Our kids are Lego obsessed, but this young age can get over whelmed with tons of pieces. These little mini Lego packs are the perfect size!


  • Stuffed Animals - This is a given. It's like Easter tradition to put an adorable stuffed little bunny in the Easter baskets of young babies and toddlers. Our go-to favorite are the classic Jelly Cat stuffed animals. There are so many cute options to choose from, and while we've done the bunny multiple times over the years, we've mixed it up just as many too! In fact, one of ours still sleeps with his JellyCat puppy every single night. 
  • Baby's First Shoes - Or any little shoes. This was a small and easy filler to put in our babies Easter baskets. Especially when we needed something useful to fill the basket with for show when there were older siblings. Our favorite little shoes to use were the soft soled shoes by Robeez. Freshly Picked makes some adorable ones too!
  • Non-Candy Treats - For babies we used to always put the Mum Mum rice biscuits in their basket and then would fill their eggs with baby puffs. For toddlers we would put fun stickers or bubbles in their eggs, and as their treat we would use bars, pouches, or Annie's Fruit Snacks or Bunny Grahams. Because they were already shaped like bunnies and you know we love a good theme!

What will the Easter Bunny be putting in your children's baskets? Share with us! 

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