Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites

We love all Friday's, but the Friday before Spring Break is the best!  The warm weather is here, the countdown to summer is on, and we have an entire week of getting to sleep in ahead of us!  Today we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites

We were recently introduced to Snap't, an accessory brand for girls that we just love! You can select an accessory, switch out different charms, and create your own unique looks! 

They sent us some super fun charms for Blondie and we she saw the soccer ball she was so excited! 

She has been wearing them both nonstop and wants to get them for all of her friends now.  

The other thing we love about Snap't is that they are more than just an accessory brand. This company was created by two sisters who really have a heart for giving back.  They work with anti-bullying charities to promote healthy self-esteem and really encourage girls to create their own style and love themselves. 

Being a mother of girls, especially tween girls, I think it is so important to constantly build up their self-esteem and self-confidence.  My girls are a perfect example that no two are the same and that is why I'm constantly trying to find ways for them to express their own style!

One girl loves soccer and the other loves cheer.  That sweet cheerleader also has a favorite animal that she is obsessed with...Sea Turtles.  They have been her favorite for as long as I can remember, so we love finding sea turtle stuff for her.  From shoes, to jewelry to bags...she has it all!  

Obviously not a sea turtle, but close enough for her a few years ago. :-) 
Not only does she think these animals are cute, but she is really interested in their well being also.  She has done research projects about the coastal areas, read lots of information, and even has big career plans to be able to work with animals. 

When we learned about Shelly Cove, and their mission to help save the sea turtles with their line of quality tees and tanks, we were sold!  She loves dressing comfortable and cute and the trend right now for all of these tween girls are fun t-shirts!  These from Shelly Cove are so pretty, with colorful designs and super soft, which she loves!  

They showed up wrapped just like a gift with this little sea turtle charm, which I was super impressed with.  That makes getting happy mail that much more fun. 

As soon as the weather warmed up, Little Mama couldn't wear her shirts soon enough!  They are definitely her favorites and we both love that a portion of their proceeds help fund the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

My next favorite of the week is watching my kiddos do their thing.  The younger two killed it last weekend in their games and I couldn't be more proud of them! Blondie scored a goal for her team and played with the confidence and determination I haven't seen from her in a while. 

This kid hit two home runs, got 5 outs and received the game ball! All that playing makes for some dirty white baseball pants though.  

Another mom told me about Out White Brite to get out the dirt stains and it works!!!  Hoping some other baseball mamas can benefit from this tip.  I soak the pants with this, then use FelsNaptha on the dirt stains and then wash with white towels or something like that.  They come out clean every time and I'm always amazed! 

OK, have y'all entered our Home Sweet Home Giveaway?  This might be one of my favorite giveaways we have ever done because I just love home decor stuff.  Be sure to check out the details and enter HERE!!! 

If you watched our Insta Story the other day you heard my funny experience about shopping at Abercrombie and feeling like a granny in there.  The very young associate was super helpful, but made sure to call me ma'am, which I appreciate as a southern mama, but not when I'm trying to be hip and trendy. Anyway, I wasn't the only middle aged mom in there shopping so maybe they are trying to appeal to an older demographic.  I was on a mission to find some white jeans and I'd heard someone say Abercrombie had great ones.  I was going to share these next week, but they are 50% off all weekend so now is the time to grab them and see if they will work for you! They are my new favorite thing to wear for spring! 

I sized up because let's be honest, Abercrombie clothes are probably made for 21 year olds, not 30 something mothers of 3, but they fit amazing! I went with the high rise ones, which are really just a normal rise, and the ones with a frayed hem. I like that they aren't super distressed and can still be dressed up a but are totally on trend.  Plus, they have a good amount of stretch and don't stretch out when you wear them for a while.  

Last but not least this week is something we do most Spring Breaks and that is our short drive over to Augusta to see The Masters!!!  It's one of my favorite outings of the year and I'm so excited to get back to those beautiful grounds and enjoy an azalea (or two) while watching some big time golfers do their thing.  

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  1. Those white jeans look great - I always feel so OLD there too!

    Happy Easter!

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