Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Masters

Hello Friends!  In case you missed it, I did a recap of my favorites about the Masters on Friday and shared lots of fun stuff so click HERE to read and check out the fun pictures.  

Now I wanted to share about the rest of our time in August.  It started on Monday evening when we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation.  We had stayed here once before and I was so excited to be back.  Its obviously nice since it is the Ritz, but it has a laid back and comfortable feel, which I love an which is so much more our speed.  

The scenery is amazing and out on the balcony we had a gorgeous view of Lake Oconee.  

Looking the other direction from our balcony you could see the main are of the hotel.

After dropping off our bags we walked around the grounds a bit and everything just felt so serene.  There are rolling hills, big fire pits, hammocks and swings tucked into the trees and everywhere you turn there is another surprise.  

Inside the details are very lodge feeling.  Big beams, rough cut wood and giant fire places.

After dinner and a little mingling we were ready to hit the sack because we knew we had to be up early the next morning to catch the shuttle over to Augusta.  I loved this little door sign that was in our room.  So appropriate... 

The next morning we were so excited to be at the tournament.  We were with some fantastic people and they kept us laughing. After breakfast at Berckmans we got a quick photo by the giant front porches there and then mad our way out to the course.  

Of course it was as gorgeous as I remembered from last year.  The green grass and gorgeous azaleas never disappoint.

The practice days are nice because everything is a little more relaxed.  The players aren't as uptight, the patrons are joking around a little more and I love it because you can bring a camera on those days...something that is not allowed Thursday-Sunday.  

 After enjoying the gorgeous weather and the beautiful course, we made our way back to our second accommodations for the week...Cuscowilla where we were meeting up with more friends.  I didn't take one picture because we were too busy having fun.  It was an amazing place though.  So quiet and peaceful with a gorgeous lake view!

The next morning we were up early again and ready for The Masters!  We took another shuttle over and started making our way around the course.

It was really hot on this day and you could tell the crowds had grown from the day before. I wasn't complaining one bit though.

We walked around a lot, saw more of the course and club, including the main clubhouse and where they do a lot of interviews.

Then we settled in a the first hole of the Par 3 contest.  I loved this because it is a really relaxed part of the Masters.  A lot of times the players wives and kids will caddy for them and it is so cute to see the little kids dressed up in the classic white caddy suit and iconic green hat.  There are also a lot of players from years past that show up.  We got to see Tiger Woods up close, which was pretty neat!

After a long, hot day we were happy to get back to some air conditioning and had the best time grilling out with friends that night. The whole week was a really nice getaway and such a cool experience. I loved every second of our time there and hope we can go back again next year!

We loved watching the final round of the Masters on Sunday and were so exited that Jordan Spieth maintained his lead to be awarded the green jacket. I loved him, loved his story and think he just seems like a really good guy. I got all teary when he was hugging his parents and really loved that it was a family affair.  Our kids enjoyed watching with us on Sunday, too and Boo-Boo told me he was going to be like the guy in blue (meaning Jordan Spieth).  Um, sure buddy...that would be more than OK with me!  :-)
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  1. I absolutely loved everything about this post. And I need to email you privately to find out a few more details b/c I'd really like to make this happen for us next year!!!


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