Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Tellus Museum

Last week we were on spring break while the rest of Atlanta waited until this week to plan their spring break. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and low chances of large spring break crowds, and made our way to some of our favorite Atlanta attractions. 

I love our city and all it has to offer. We visited Zoo Atlanta, a local favorite park, the movies, and a few other fun stops, but one of the biggest hits of the week was the Tellus Museum

Tellus is located about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, and is kind of a hidden gem. Each time we have visited we have had a blast and it is never ever ever crowded. 

The grounds of Tellus are quite impressive and are beautifully manicured. They also have an event pavilion that is wonderful for taking a break or bringing a picnic lunch. 

The moment you walk into Tellus you are greeted with interactive exhibits. Even at the ticket counter young minds become awed at the sight of the large pendulum, and steps beyond become immersed in a world of dinosaurs that once roamed. 

The museum is split into four major rooms (The Collins Family "My Big Backyard", The Weinman Mineral Gallery, The Fossil Gallery, and Cars to Space), with a few smaller interactive rooms for special exhibits, a planetarium, and a cafe. 

Our first stop was The Fossil Gallery. The displays were every little boys dream, and as tempting as the large bones were to a inquisitive little mind attached to just as inquisitive little fingers, don't fret. There are plenty of exhibits and interactive displays for kids to their touchy-feelys preoccupied. 

"Hey brother...you are totally touching dinosaur poop!"

After checking out all of the fossils both big and small, we made our way to the Cars to Space gallery. Cute is obsessed with space and rockets and could have spent all day in this exhibit. He was so excited to see that he could get in "a real big boy space suit." 

The gallery has a number of rocket replicas, space suits, and even a moon rock, which by the way, is extremely pretty! I wish I had taken a picture. 

The gallery featured transportation of every kind. From bikes, to flights, to cars and trains. Needless to say Cute was in heaven.

For our third stop we decided to check out the "My Big Backyard" gallery. This gallery was the most interactive for children and a huge hit amongst my two. There is a little bit of everything in the gallery. Little ones can learn about nature, sound, light, and a few animals. It also featured the special exhibit "Brain Teasers 2", which featured a number of puzzles and games to challenge minds of all ages. Trust me...I was definitely challenged.

The gallery also features fun mirrors. Look! I have finally reached my dream of being tall and skinny! I could have stayed there all day...

After I had stared at myself long enough, our crew made it over to the Cafe for lunch. I order a hamburger and french fries because....well because skinny mirrors. A girl has to maintain her curves, right? Lunch was easy and there was plenty of seating. There were a few things pre-made and then there was a made to order section.

Once everyone was refueled we made our way to The Weinman Gallery. I think we were all impressed with what we saw. Everything was just so pretty!

Having been refueled though, The Cutes needed to get out some energy so we regrouped and headed towards the Mining section and the Dinosaur Dig. Cute loved digging for gem stones, and as a bonus was so excited when they let him keep a few. 

Little Cute seemed a little young for this activity (read she would get waaaaaayyy to wet and mommy wasn't down for that), but when we moved onto the Dinosaur Dig she was all about helping uncover some fossils. Cute was a blur as he learned you were also able to keep a fossil from the Dig and was desperately trying to find the "most perfect one in the whole wide world." 

Then this started to happen and we were out. 

Pretty sure this "sand" was some magic edible dinosaur sand, but Little Cute isn't one to turn down a snacking opportunity. 

Once I had extracted all "sand" from LC's mouth we made our way back to the Weinman Gallery. I am so glad we did! 

We were able to see the "Jeweled Objects of Desire" exhibit that is on special loan from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History until November. The exhibit features many unique pieces from famed designer Sidney Mobell. Mobell designed unique pieces for many powerful individuals including Queen Elizabeth and Walt Disney. 

I am pretty sure Little Cute was drooling over that diamond encrusted gold paci. 

But like daughter, like mother. If this oval cut Fluourite doesn't qualify as drool worthy, I don't know what does. 

Our last stop was to the Solar House, but I was too busy asking questions to take a single photo. Trust me it is not something to miss if you visit. 

The Tellus Museum has tons more features that we will have to see upon our next visit. The Cutes hit their max and we had to wrap up our day of exploring. 

If you are located in Atlanta, or plan on visiting the area soon definitely try to work The Tellus Museum into your plans. You won't be disappointed. 

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