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Savvy Sassy Sunday: Minted Home Decor

We have found a new favorite website, and we just can't keep it to ourselves. A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to try out Minted. We both had previously heard about the website, and knew that it was an online marketplace for designers to showcase their invitations, stationery and party supplies for purchase.  Their products are simply gorgeous and we were excited to give them a try.

 Graceful Wedding Invite - Photo courtesy of
After a little digging we realized, while yes they have simply adorable party decor, that wasn't all they had to offer. 

 Nautical Party Decor - Photo courtesy of

They also have a whole home decor section that offers a wide selection of custom designed fabric, children's decor, and fabulous art. We had no idea!

We instantly fell in love with Minted's art selection, and had fun browsing through the hundreds of options. It took some time to finally settle on what we both wanted to order because there were really just so many beautiful things! 

Jen's choice: 
Ultimately as Carrie Beth and I drooled over all the beautiful print options, we actually ended up liking one of the same ones. We both love our home state of Georgia so much that the Georgia Map Foil Pressed print seemed pretty close to perfect. There are a ton of state themed options, but this was love at first sight for me.  I knew exactly where I wanted to put it in our home, and was so excited. 

I decided to order the 8x8 sized print (it comes in variety of size options) with a custom frame. Minted has a wide selection of framing options available, which is perfect. I usually take forever to frame art because (1) I am super picky after gaining my professional photographer eye, and want to make sure anything and everything is framed just "perfect", and (2) The idea of making framing decisions with two little ones in tow who think the frame displays are their own personal velcro puzzle pieces that need to pass the toddler throw test for quality control sends me into a new level of anxiety. I loved that I could click a button and everything would be shipping to me ready to hang. I was torn between the distressed charcoal frame and the barn wood frame, but ended up going with the distressed. 

I was a little nervous on the quality of the frame, not having seen or felt it in person, but once it arrived I loved it even more than I thought I would. The gold foil print is exquisite, and the frame is of GREAT quality. 

The distressed charcoal frame is very similar to a barn wood style frame. It is rustic and knotted and has tons of great character.

It is thick and comes with all backing and ready to hang hardware already installed. 

The frame gives you that custom frame feel, but definitely at a much better price. I was thrilled with my choice and the quality of the entire product. 

I decided to hang print in our office gallery wall. The walls in our office display pieces of art or photos that are super special to us. Our wedding invitation, dogs foot prints, art from our all resides in this room, and the Georgia map could not be a more perfect addition. Now we have a lovely piece to remind us of our home state and the place we've grown our life together. It just makes me smile each time I look at it. That, and it is shiny gold, and who doesn't love that?!? ;) 

I already have my eye on a few more prints, and can't wait to make another purchase. Some of my current favorites are the Sea Fever print, the Whale Series One print, and the Flora in Peach print. It will be so hard to choose with all of the thousands of great options!

Carrie Beth's choice: 
One thing I liked when looking through all of the art work is that you can order any piece is multiple sizes.  It's perfect if you are looking for something in a specific size or to fill a certain wall in your home.  Since we moved in our new house under year ago, I have slowly been trying to decorate and fill our walls.  I use a lot of photographs and portraits on my walls because, let's face it, I like looking at my sweet little family.  When I do choose artwork, I want it to be something that is meaningful to our family, not just some random thing I bought to hang up. 

In our new home we are surrounded by nature.  It's funny because we live really close major roads and highways and we are actually in the middle of everything, but our lot is really wooded and we have a little stream right beside our house, so we get all kinds of wildlife around here.  I don't necessarily love nature and I could really do without some of the critters (we spotted a raccoon just last week - yikes!), but what I do love is all of the birds.  They begin chirping early every morning and we are constantly seeing them.  

When I saw the Robin print, I knew it was what I wanted. I loved the colors and the detail.  

Robin's are my favorite because of the beautiful blue eggs they lay, so to go along with my Robin print I also selected Fly, which is of the Robin's nest.  I loved this art piece of the bird's home, with it's three little blue eggs.  

To me it represented our home with my three little kids living here.  I couldn't have planned it any better!  They are both by different artists, but I felt like they complemented each other perfectly.  

As Jen mentioned, Minted does offer framing as an option for most of their artwork, but I already had these frames so I knew they would work and look great with the prints.  I love them hanging together and I have them in our mudroom, right where we walk in and out each day.  Every time I pass by them I get a smile on my face thinking about our home and the special people who live here.

Have you tried Minted? What art or products did you fall in love with? We can't wait to hear your choices! 

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