Thursday, April 23, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party

Last week I shared a little of my Frozen Party Prep that I had been working on (click HERE to see some of those details) and on Saturday the big day finally arrived.

The rain was off and on that morning and I was getting a little nervous, but thankfully it ended up holding off until after the party, which was a so nice.

To eat we served Anna's Frozen Hearts (strawberries), Sven's Carrots, and Olaf Snack Mix (popcorn, Cheetos, and pretzel sticks).

 To drink we offered Glacier Juice (Blue Hawaiian juice and Sprite) and Melted Snow, which the kids all though was so fun. :-)

Blondie doesn't really care for cupcakes (although she loves the icing) so instead she asked for cookies made by my extremely talented friend.  I go to her for every cookies occasion and she always goes above and beyond.  I absolutely LOVED the cookies she did for the party and they matched perfectly!   Not only did they look good, but they taste amazing.

The dipped Rice Crispy Treats were also a big hit and so very easy to make.  I followed Jen's directions HERE and I will probably be making these for every kid event I have from now on.

I really didn't need to many decorations.  I did have the centerpieces I made (click HERE to see) and found some snow flake confetti that Blondie helped me sprinkle around.  Along with the centerpieces I used some pillow stuffing (to look like snow) and some of the Frozen dolls we already owned.

I had a few games planned for the kids, as well as just some general outdoor things like sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, and jump ropes out of them to play with.

We played Pin the Nose on Olaf, snow ball toss, and I also had an Olaf piñata for the kids.

This game was a hit and was so simple to make. I just used poster board to draw Olaf, cut out carrot noses and wrote at each of the kids' names so they would know which nose was theirs.  It did take a few people manning the game though to keep it going smoothly. I was putting tape on the back of the noses, my mom was blindfolding the kids, and one of the older guest help guide the younger ones in the right direction.

I didn't get many pictures of the actual whacking of the piñata because I was too worried about someone getting hit with the baseball bat.  All of the kids got one good swing and hit before the candy started to fall out.  Then the Mr. just ripped it in half and started shaking the candy/goodies all over.  The kids loved it!  Prior to all of that, while they were all lined up waiting in line, I passed out baggies to each of them so they had somewhere to put all of the treats they collected.  I also talked to them all about making sure everyone got a fair amount and possibly the need to share some of their prizes with a friend if they noticed someone didn't have a lot.  I really think that little pep talk helped us avoid any hurt feelings because they were all so sweet to each other and I saw lots of sharing/trading going on.

Party Favors: 
For party favors I usually like to do one larger item that would be fun for the kids to use or play with instead of a bunch of little things in a goodie bag that usually get thrown out.  For the girls I found Frozen diaries with the cute pen and the boys got glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls.  As the guests started to leave I stationed Blondie at this table so she could hand them out and thank everyone for coming to her party.  

All in all, it was a great party.  I had a great time planning all of the details, the kids had lots of fun, the weather held off, my house didn't too messy and our sweet SIX year old felt so special that day, which was my whole goal to begin with!

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  1. Great job, Carrie Beth! I loved it all. And I'm a bit jealous that you're able to have outdoor parties. I have two winter babies which makes it extremely difficult. And the pic of the pinata/kids/your hubs is hysterical! Great job!

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  3. So adorable looking kids! Love them :)

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  6. Thank You for the post, I was looking for the post for a long this link right now

  7. That’s a wonderful frozen party. Just loved your food station. Everything looks delicious there. Yours party ideas are seriously good and would love to use them in my daughter’s frozen birthday party at one of LA venues. Want to arrange everything wonderful for the day.


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